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Time question

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Hi, just started playing RDO yesterday with my wife. I have a series X and S in my livingroom and we have a Persistent Posse created. It was all fine yesterday but today when we started playing, the time of day qas different for both of us (day for one person and night for the other).


We both quit out and went back in again and it was the same.


Is this normal? Maybe Im doing something wrong?

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All players are supposed to experience the same time of day in game/(weather too, in the same area, of course) etc;

players who are side by side even mention seeing the same lightning strike, in the same area.


This is why on the collector's map and such it says the time "in game", as well as rdodailies.


In that thread they mention it maybe being a "sync" issue. So first, I'd see which of you is not lining up with the

time on the jeanropke collector's map/rdodailies and such (or the clock link I posted at the bottom), or other sites that show the current "in game" time,

then I'd try to figure out what is different about that console's set up (besides one being an X and one an S.)

Perhaps one of the privacy/security settings? The game server should be communicating the in game time

to both systems. As you probably found, in searching, I did not turn up any web pages on your problem exactly

(two players, side by side, with different in game times/night and day.)



By the way, grats on having a series X!!! ;) Still waiting for them to exist for me.




Also, in searching for you query, I also found this kind of neat thing:




full screen Rdo "watch" clock of in game time.

WHOA, just noticed you can click those == lines

in the bottom right, then see stuff like an in game schedule.

Edited by Krommer
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Thanks @Krommer. I found out that properly quiting the game (using the xbox light button and selecting the game and selecting quit) before starting a new session has resolved this problem. 


"By the way, grats on having a series X!!! ;) Still waiting for them to exist for me."



After Amazon announced when they would be in stock, I had to sit for 2 hours on their site clicking refresh until it showed in stock.😁. Theres not really a lot to play at the moment anyway, just great load times.

Edited by Emmettf
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20 minutes ago, Emmettf said:

I had to sit for 2 hours on their site clicking refresh until it showed in stock


Lols, guess I'm old and lack the patience for that stuff ;)


Someday they'll be a regular stock item, at least I hope so!


Yeah, I also figured not much really "made" for it currently; "No Man's Sky"(which I also play) takes advantage of it, with the new patch, 

but RDO just loads faster and such. I don't even have a 4K TV either ;) They were so expensive when they came out, probably cheap now!

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