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Is Vic Vance the worst fit for a GTA character ever?

Tomminsky Sickletty

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Tomminsky Sickletty

Been playing VCS again after a long time (plus an eternity to make it work at 60fps without stutters...), and experiencing the story again really brought to light how unfit Vic is as an GTA protagonist.


For starters there's the retcon... He's a totally different character from VC to VCS, he first appeared as a crooked, coked-up drug dealer with a tick south-American accent all too enthusiastic about making a drug deal, and you want me to believe that at some point he was an upstanding, tight-fit army guy with a sense of morality and anti-drug stance?

Vic's character in VC was never intended to be a protagonist and they retconed him in a way that stretches anything plausible to me. I mean, what the hell happened in those 2 years between games? Did the upstanding Vic decide to one day do coke, losing all his morality and personality while Lance just watched? I know know coke will f*ck you up, but didn't know it could f*ck you up so bad you get a new south-American accent.


But forget about the retcon (I sure can't but whatever), Vic's unlike most GTA protagonists lacks any ambition to push them forward into the criminal world, remember Tommy's best lines in VC? "I run this town now. ME!" and "Vercetti. Remember the name!".

Meanwhile Vic has a sick brother as an excuse to get money, and a cycle of bad (stupid) decisions:


"Hey Vic wanna crime for money?

Vic: Nah man is illegal!

Cmon Vic just this one time!

Vic: Ok I guess..."


And repeat and repeat, besides killing Marty he does nothing on is own volition, and yet the game wants us to play a a crime boss as this guy?

Hell the reason he became a crime boss was because Louise suddenly gave the idea and Vic was like "ok I guess...".


One funny moment for me was when the Mendez brothers ordered Vic to take over a drug business and Vic started to complain because "he's not into that business", while I already had a bunch of drug business running around the city...

Oh and while I'm at it, what happened to Vic crime business? Why are they gone in VC?


Well those are my two cents on the character, I think a GTA protagonist is better with a bit of ambition, make it easier for me to get into the role, "I guess".

Edited by Tomminsky Sickletty
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Did the upstanding Vic decide to one day do coke, losing all his morality and personality while Lance just watched?


Victor Vance after the story ended: Oh, I'm not a main character anymore. I don't have to pretend. Let's make some real cash! Drugs are the future!

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