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Very early sketch of GTA6 map(s)?

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Phil Cassidy7

So I was browsing /r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/ and stumble upon this interesting leak talking about a R* patent about "System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment" all very interesting and informative about advanced NPC's and navigation between multiple islands so I decided to click on the patent to verify for myself and scrolling down through the info I find this image in Fig. 6B




Caught my attention cause it's described as Virtual world and the figures on the img don't resemble any map from current R* IPs, take this with a graint of salt but remember the patent is official it is from R* and was made on OCT. 29 - 2020 also the Inventors of the patent are David Hynd (Associate Director of Tech. at Rockstar) and Simon Parr (Lead AI Programmer at Rockstar)
plus not that long ago the most renown rumor about the upcoming gta installment is that is supposedly called Project Americas which implies more than one location.

Could be nothing could be something who knows, cheers!

Patent in question.


Reddit's threads:

Edited by Phil Cassidy7
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Patents do contain some interesting information about the technology in the future Rockstar games, but keep in mind that the picture itself is likely just an illustration, it doesn't necessarily represent map (or parts of a map) from a future game. Don't read too much into these pictures.

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The applicant is Take Two. Wouldn't that mean it could refer a technology used in games developed by other subsidiaries of T2?

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