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no GTA SAS on PS Vita: missed opportunity?


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as you all know, R* never made SAS. Ubisoft made Assassin's Creed III Liberation on PS Vita. R* made no similar handheld GTA after VCS. I suppose the Vita was strong enough to run the big map of San Andreas. Would allow them to compete with Ubisoft, another developper with a lot of open world games. (and still produces games instead of focussing on shark cards).

when PS Vita was released the 3D era was already replaced by the HD era. So technically the question is upgrading the 3D engine to Vita or using the RAGE engine on the handheld. but if they use RAGE then a Vita GTA would probably another Liberty City episode I suppose.


anyway, with SAS on Vita R* would then also able to release a HD remaster on the PS3. (like AC Liberation HD). Perhaps a GTA Stories HD trilogy on PS3/X360/windows. Able to squeeze some more money out of LCS and VCS.



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It will never happen but I always felt like T-bone Mendez would be a perfect protagonist for it

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I felt they should have tried 3 protagonists with SAS. like they originally wanted with SA and eventually did with gta5. Testing the waters.


maybe they could finally have had that female protagonist then. Along with a latin gangbanger for los santos and an asian dude for san fierro perhaps.

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