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Getting banned for having money dropped on you?


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One time they dropped some money on me in PS3 in 2015 but I instantly quited GTAO and the next day they removed that "strange" money of my account and nothing happened, they didn´t warn me about getting banned because it wasn´t my fault, they just alerted me that the strange money was removed from my account and that´s all, on PC when I see a modder in my lobby I instantly quit so I haven´t been dropped money yet and I hope it stays like that to avoid problems

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1 hour ago, stefan_hoffa said:

Do you get banned for having money dropped on you?


It's possible, but you probably won't. 

Honestly - and I don't know why it's just a feeling I have - this thread screams "a cheater said they can give me a money drop, I'm just wondering if it's safe" - why bother to play the game if you don't want to actually play the game? If money starts dropping on your head in a session, go to the Pause menu > Online and choose "Find New Session". 

The vast majority of these cheaters can do a whole lot more than drop money on your head - including, but not limited to:
- crashing your game
- kicking you from online / sessions
- following you to any and every session type
- seeing your (public) IP address - which might give them an idea where you live in real life
- spamming messages or sounds
- the usual trapping in cages or being set on fire

So my advice is: avoid at all costs, regardless of whether you're going to be a financial beneficiary or not. 

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The answer is no. Bank it to your Maze account and continue to play the game. Just make sure you always have enough in your account to cover that gifted money when Rockstar comes to collect it in one of their sweeps. You have to be "willfully" cheating to get the banhammer. 

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Well I've listened to some rather enjoyable youtubers discuss the topic of how well Rockstar deals with modders on PC (and whatever tf is wrong with them), and several mentioned that players given money could face account termination. I assume you've heard the same.


If you play on PC, I would nonetheless disconnect right away and perhaps have Fraps or anything alike to have proof of you receiving the money unwillingly, should you be banned for it. Rockstar developers and their support may not seem to give a f*ck, but I've had luck with a couple of support tickets back in the day.

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Pastor Richards

I got money dropped while defending a biker business, my account was reset two days later with a thirty day ban. Pretty pissed off about that, I doubt I will pick it up again at this point.

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