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Need help with readding Alderney cop voices (or do I?)


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Hello. I'm in the process of restoring 2 unused voicelines for the FIB agents and the Alderney police officers repsectively, not just that but including an unused leather jacket variant for the Alderney officers. The FIB uses "VOICE_PLY_CR" as their voice lines indicating they were originally going to have varied ethnicities, but Rockstar apparently forgot to change them into "M_Y_FIB" and that made them mute. The Alderney cops were going to have their own voices as indicated in the game files (M_Y_STROOPER_WHITE_01) but for some reason they use LCPD voices instead, though I'm not sure if they're actually unused.


For FIB, I simply replaced the "VOICE_PLY_CR" with "M_Y_FIB" and it worked pretty well. But I have a problem with adding voicelines for the Alderney officer, when I replaced "M_Y_COP_WHITE" with "M_Y_STROOPER_WHITE_01", it just doesn't seem to work. They just stay silent. I tried other ways like renaming the files and stuff but no luck.


So, what do I do? Maybe there's something preventing me from readding the Alderney police voicelines, but other than that, I can't seem to figure out why the Alderney cop voices aren't working.

Edited by Panzermann11
Not sure if the lines are actually unused, so I added a small note
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