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How Many Treasure Maps Can We Hold?


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One from each location as far as I know. Any overflow goes into your camp/post office box, at least the ones R* gifts you now and then or the ones you get every 5 ranks. I don't know if you can pick up more you find if your have one of each on your person.

Edited by StyxTx
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29 treasure locations


Bard's Crossing                                                     Hanging Rock

Benedict Point                                                      Hawks Eye Creek

Blackbone Forest                                                    Hennigans Stead Central

Bluewater Marsh                                                     Hennigans Stead North

Brandywine Drop                                                     Kamassa River

Burned Town                                                         Lake Isabella

Calumet Ravine                                                      Little Creek

Cattail Pond                                                        North Clingman

Citadel Rock                                                        North Ridgewood

Civil War Battlefield                                               North Tumbleweed

Cumberland Forest West                                              O'Creagh's Run

Dakota River Bend                                                   San Luis Shore

Diablo Ridge                                                        Southern Roanoke

East Watsons                                                        West Hill Haven

Gaptooth Breach

Edited by StyxTx
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Yeah, you can hold one of as many unique ones that there are.


Then the duplicates are just sitting in your camp box (the ones mailed to you by Rockstar), until you use the current unique one and get the same

one from the camp box again.


I'm pretty sure you CAN'T pick up duplicates you find, they just are "not there" from what I've seen (like if you already have it, don't think it is grayed out but rather you don't even know the person has one);

so it is a good reason to USE the ones on you. I thought of this last night, when hideout guys or the "accept escort" lady ends up being an ambush instead, with me thinking "Hey, why do these people

never have treasure maps for me?" The reason is probably that I already have that one?


Hmmm, or are duplicate ones you loot just sent to your camp box automatically (without you even seeing them, perhaps?) I've never really  paid enough attention.

Edited by Krommer
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