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SA|REL|WIP Big Gangster Mod - Mobile Edition By Jayski_Upbeat


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Big Gangster Mod Mobile Edition By Jayski_Upbeat





About this mod: This is The Big Gangster Mod V 1.2 by Jayski_Upbeat (Or Upbeat if you'll like to call me).



What's Included in this mod:

- More Peds for each and every Gang (Not the same amount of members due to Territoral reasons.)

- Added the Mafia, Added the unused GANG9 (New Hostile Families set coming soon), and GANG10 (New Gang is coming soon)

- Gang Turf in SF and in LV too.

- Some gangs will have Stronger and Powerful weapons

- Gang Attacks in SF and LV

- Game saves that contains the turfs and gang weapon mods.






Q: Is this mod for mobile?

A: Yes I made this for mobile with the help of the original creator who made it for PC


Q: Why don't I see the Aztecas, Triads, Rifa, Mafia, and Da Nang Boys Turfs

A: Because there is No extended gang wars for mobile/Android nor IOS too :(


Q: Can I use this for my videos?

A: Yes you can! (Just don't forget to add credit or the link for some of them who wants to install this mod for themselves.)


Q: What is your nationality?

A: I'm from America, USA!


Q: Why is there Ballas and Vagos territory in SF and LV even though they not supposed be there in the game's lore.

A: The reason why the ballas and Vagos have more turf outside of the LS is because so that you can have families in them other cities and besides I made a whole lore explaining why do they even have turf in them places.




Note: I'll like to thank Jeansowaty for founding this whole mod and helping me with it too. This mod was originally for PC but I ported it into mobile since I saw a huge gap of people across the globe who wanted it. I knew I could make a good gang mod for mobile and I have accomplished it! :)


Edited by Jayski_Upbeat
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