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Unpopular opinion: Red Dead Redemption2 is a far superior product to GTA V


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I played GTA V and i found it decent but rather not ground breaking. It's not a bad game but it's not extremely good, either. I don't know why it has sold so many copies.


Meanwhile i finished RDR2 recently and i was blown away. In terms of open world third person games it has probably even surpassed the Witcher 3 for me. Everything's just so detailed. The world actually feels alive. The story is well written and riveting. The charcters are memorable and distinct.


This game completely blows GTA V away. Like, it's not even close. You can say that there were, for instance, some things Baldur's Gate 1 did better than 2, or that Morrowind did better than Skyrim, or Dragon Age Origina did better than the newer games... But there's not-a-single-thing in which GTA V comes even close to RDR2.


I don't know why GTA V is so much more popular

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See how you made a post and it took someone 5 hours to notice you’re post, you know what that mean your opinion is wrong and reason why gta 5 is more popular is because it attracts almost everyone, it’s a fun fast paced game you can enjoy with a fun online mode

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Algonquin Assassin
15 hours ago, SwishiestRock29 said:

 you know what that mean your opinion is wrong 


No it doesn't.


And yes. I agree. GTA V is a good game, but RDR2 is better than it in just about every way.


From the protagonist, story, game world and so on.. RDR2 is an experience like very few games have given me and it is truly a masterpiece of colossal proportions.

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