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GTA SA missions' variety appreciation

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This game has different and unique missions without taking the fun and challenge from them  and actually every mission has its different challenge

I only wish they had more shooting since I remember the first time I played the game And reached the mission "You've had your chips" it was hard I totally forgot that it's a shooting game lol and since you can't go stealthy in this mission and that was my style in most of the missions

So I wish the game had more shooting 

Anyways my favorite missions are

_Cleaning the hood

This mission has the perfect 90s gangs Atmosphere going with my homie Ryder to our friend's house who became a dealer and has our other friend as his slave then we beat a dealer ( I try searching for more) together then we enter one of the ballas members crib and beat them all

_Just Business

I had so much fun playing this mission  . the dialogues , the cutscenes and of course drive by against the Russian Mafia

_End of the line

What can I say about this one this mission is by far my favorite mission in the series. it had everything 

_New model army

I always found this one fun and interesting I hope we had a side mission were we can replay it not replaying the one from supply lines

Anyway I will stop here because if I continued I will talk about every mission  in the game since they're all fun 

_Breaking a bank at Caligula's : everything about this mission is perfect it has shooting and it has variety and everything and the moment when there's a Heli chasing Carl is cinematic asf and we punch zero at the end name a better mission

_Saints Mark's Bistro : a mafia themed mission where we travel to LC and kill Sonny's brother And the mafia actually has shotguns which makes it harder = more fun

What are your favorites and why?

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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Evil empire

I appreciate the diversity of missions and woud even more if the difficulty wasn't dosed like a bipolar's mood.

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21 minutes ago, Evil empire said:

I appreciate the diversity of missions and woud even more if the difficulty wasn't dosed like a bipolar's mood.

TBH after playing the game dozens of times most of them became very easy

Also I always go stealthy in most of the missions and don't get involved in gunfights a lot in this game so it makes Missions easier

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Wayne Kerr

Great variety in this game; from gang wars to countryside robberies, from infiltrating a secret military base to freeing refugees from a ship, from taking down a loco syndicate to controlling an RC plane, from street racing to hijinks in the sky San Andreas had them all. It really contributed to the popularity and perhaps replayability of this game too


I love the shootout  and taking on gangs type of missions but my favourite missions were generally robbery based and stealth based missions. So I'd like to mention


-Breaking the Bank in Caligula's. My favourite heist in the series


-Black Project. Felt very much like a heist and liked infiltrating the secret base and the stealth involved. Alternatively going guns blazing once in a while had its own fun.


-The Da Nang Thang. Infiltrating the ship felt cool af and I felt like a proper hero freeing those refugees


-Catalina's countryside robberies. Liked them all,  my favourites were  chasing the redneck robbers on a quadbike and robbing the betting shop


-End of the Line. An incredibly satisfying final mission. Infiltrating Smokes crack palace level by level and the boss fight with him felt like a classic. Also chasing Tenpenny through the streets of LS with 'Today was a good day' playing felt pretty cool man.

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