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What was the saddest moment(s) for you in the story?

Algonquin Assassin

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Algonquin Assassin

For me killing Dwayne the first time was pretty terrible.


I felt so guilty and wrong. Normally I choose PBX, but it’s pretty gut wrenching killing Dwayne that even Niko knows this with his post mission dialogue.


For some others. I feel sorry for Illeyna during her random encounter after Faustin is killed. You can tell she’s completely broken and wants to go back to her home land.


And lastly Roman being killed and learning he was going to be a father. That is the only time in a GTA game I’ve legitimately shed a few tears.

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I feel sorry for Niko Everytime he hangs out with Brucie

Edited by DR:BUSTA
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  • KEKW 5
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Wayne Kerr

When Kate phones Niko after deal ending

Kate: If you want anything, if you want someone to talk to, if you just want company, call me

Niko: I want Roman back


Packie's phone call after revenge ending too

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Killing Dwayne takes the cake for me as well.


Being obliged to kill Aiden O'Malley. I never wanted a spare option more, or at least it could've been done Of Mice and Men style in the back of the head as he looked out over the ocean instead of telling him first. 


Likewise, having to pull the plug on Anthony Corrado. Absolutely brutal.


Both endings, with the hollow victory, Niko's closing words after the credits and then making your way back from the island alone while receiving phone calls from the deceased's loved ones.


Confronting Darko. Whichever choice you make it's just sad.


Niko's discussion over a cup of tea with Ilyena and also when you meet her again as a random character


A lot of the hanging out conversations once they get into the serious stuff. Some conversations with Packie, Kate and Dwayne are extremely sad. Also that time Dwayne calls hopefully asking if Niko called when he was in the shower because he's so lonely.


In TBOGT, seeing Brucie getting bullied by Mori


In TLAD, any time Ashley's miserable existence is on screen

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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The Special Someone was sad, Niko's whole life changed when Darko betrayed him and his friends and its a really impactful scene when they meet again (still remember the dialogue: "You ruined me, you f*ck"). Its sadder when you kill him and Niko still feels empty.


I never do the deal ending but I watched the scenes on youtube and it was emotional as f*ck. I never cared about Kate that much, it was sad that she died but Roman dying is just on another level.

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Dwayne for sure. He's just a sad cornered dog. He doesn't even fight it. f*ck that messed with me the first time I did it and I almost never choose to do it except the rare occasions I do an 'all options' playthrough. 

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The ending after you off Dimitri on firefly.. the rain, the somber music.. Niko's intense emotion... "Roman.. never hurt anyone"

I weep manly tears 😥😥 

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JaeDan 101
10 hours ago, OH76 said:

The deal ending when Roman dies.

I'm a bit happy because Roman will not call me "Niko! Let's go bowling!" anymore

but I'm still sad he passed away in that moment

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  • 4 weeks later...

I would say when Roman or Dwayne dies but these are optional. So, I say it's the mission Special Someone, that you can really feel Niko's anguish and sadness.

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I never let Roman die whenever I play the game. Having Roman dead makes me really depressed. In my opinion this would ruind Niko even more. 


Apart from this moment, I think that the most depressing part is when Roman loses everything he worked so hard for. Niko can't do anything about that, he apologizes to him for ruining his life. And then... Roman tries to comfort Niko.


This whole missions is very emotional.

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JaeDan 101

I'm sad about the moment where Roman's apartments and his cab business branch got burnt down

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Wucas wester

Cherise getting hit by her boyfriend )=

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JaeDan 101

I got sad when Roman was kidnapped

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Fake Lilina

I was sad during both endings.


On 1/10/2021 at 8:01 PM, JaeDan 101 said:

I'm a bit happy because Roman will not call me "Niko! Let's go bowling!" anymore

Excuse me?

Edited by Fake Lilina
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