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sivispacem abusing his position again

John Smith 2021

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John Smith 2021

Smith John (or John Smith) here with a temporary new account I had to frustratingly create in order to post my complaint.


Normally I wouldn't bother making a fuss about this, but I guess I'm doing so for - what I imagine to be - all of the other members suppressed by Mr. Space.


It seems our friendly forum mod, sivispacem, is on another power trip again. There was a post made by a member (Laura91) in the US election thread in Gen Chat that was basically just a flame post to another member. Not only did sivispacem not warn against/remove the post, but pretty much endorsed the flaming by agreeing with this member.


I then made a post calling this out, asking if it is now permitted to flame other members in Gen Chat so long as you fit a particular political persuasion. And just like that, he immediately removed my post and banned me from posting for 7 days with the explanation/reasoning: 'Don't be a c*nt', while the flamer in question remains perfectly free to carry on with their obnoxious conduct (conduct regularly carried out by sivis himself too, I might add). Apparently me calling out the flamer is a worse crime than actually flaming!...


Why this guy is still a mod is truly baffling. He honestly acts like such a petulant little child, throwing his weight around this place as if it were his own little playground. He has gradually created a narrative around here over the years by being very, very selective in his moderation approach, and I can say for a fact that many members have pissed off away from this place because they can't be bothered with his ego-stroking sh*te and uncalled for insults, coupled with his ability to delete posts/ban members if they don't conform to his warped version of what constitutes open discussion. This is most likely why any thread with political discourse has been such an echo chamber the past 4 or 5 years on here.


He has a clear vendetta against me because I simply call out his bollocks and hypocrisy every now and again (for which he accuses me of being a "troll"), and it's only a matter of time before he permanently bans me, which I believe is his ultimate aim here with all of the unwarranted 'naughty' points he keeps accumulating and attributing to me.


There are a few mods/admins on this forum I don't necessarily agree with when it comes to all of this political stuff, but at least they are civil and respectful. sivis, on the other hand, is just, well, I better not say anymore.


In the event he sees this complaint and deletes this too (as well as IP bans this account - I honestly wouldn't put it past him) before it reaches an admin, I have saved everything and will simply create another account on a different device and PM admins directly next time. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

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John, the simple fact of the matter is that your only remaining purpose on this forum is to be antagonistic. The net value of your contributions is effectively zero and rather than ever engaging in actual discussion all you have done for the last several years is make drive-by posts deliberately trying to antagonise other members and then when reprimanded for this complain that you're unjustly treated.


You've been given multiple opportunities to address this behaviour but have so far chosen not to do so. As for having any kind of "vendetta" against you...you're the one who persists in actively following me around the forum to behave in this manner despite being otherwise uninvolved in the topics at hand. You quite literally bring it upon yourself.



Did you use the forum's report function to bring about attention to the post you took issue with? No. Did you message a staff member? No. Your sole purpose in responding was to instigate conflict, as per usual.

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Imagine going to a video game forum purely for political discussion

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Oh boy! I remember having a problem with this exact same mod back in late 2018. Well, all I can say is, it’s great the two of us haven’t had it out for over two years now! I’ll own it. I used to post some not very contributing stuff in the D&D thread here but I no longer use it. All in all, back then, I DID deserve to be reprimanded. I mean, it’s not worth having debates and discussions about stuff that has literally nothing to do with GTA or gaming in general. So yeah, I learned my lesson and I’m not touching that section of this site with a 10 foot pole!

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