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Design a GTAVI Online Mechanic


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You work at Rockstar and you've had a pretty boring day at the office, the cool kids are working on GTAVI while you maintain GTAO. Suddenly you're called into an office by your manager. You think they're about to tell you to release another $4,000,000 supercar so you sigh and go. In the office is a board with the GTAVI logo and a flow chart. You're tasked with coming up with a unique mechanic for the new GTA's online mode. It can be a new crew system, a new way to make money, a new free roam mechanic, etc.



Mugging. In GTAVI if you're in stealth mode you don't show on the minimap so you're able to sneak up on other players. If you're able to get close enough you can pull a gun on the player and demand money. The mugging can be anywhere between $500 up to $20,000 depending on the player being mugged. After the mugging animation both players run away from each other before getting control back. Once they have control back the robbed player can try to kill the mugger to get the money back.

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Easy if I work for the multiplayer aspect of rockstar game I would do the bare minimum, and not be creative it’s not hard. And I would make an oppressor mk3 for the sh*ts and giggled

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Wouldn’t there be a team for that who are working on GTA VI? Because I don’t think calling a random GTA Online dev that isn’t taking part at the development of GTA VI is a good idea 

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testarossa 86

something I've always wanted is a "turf system".


something similar to which turfs are in GTA: SA, except in order to claim a turf you would need to be an organization owner/member. (or MC club)

turfs would span from different sections of the map, perhaps around 10 scattered around the map, sort of like a little zone on your map that is the same color as the organization that owns it.

it could look similar to how the pink zones are present below.

after each full day of owning the turfs, the organization will get paid X amount of money for X amount of turfs owned.

maybe 1 turf could be more valuable than the other, resulting in a better pay.

I think this could get free roam a bit more things to do, players can fight for turf and what not.

Ballas | GTA Wiki | Fandom





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Added San Fierro and Las Venturas to the existing game world which they would have done during the seven years they have run the damn thing!

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