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Should I get the mk2 oppressor


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Before you guys go and say oh your a tryhard or griefer not true I only want to use it for grinding and getting around the map plus not everyone with a mk2 is a griefer or tryhard I had a person willing to help me sell my cargo and protect me in a oppressor mk2 but I agree it is used by griefer and tryhard my opinion tho don’t shoot a person in a mk 2 if they are minding their own business if it’s a griefer or tryhard sure go for it but if it’s someone not griefing or is not a tryhard don’t shoot don’t ruin their day some people in mk 2 are good some are bad I agree rockstar does need to make a car or nerf the oppressor mk 2 as possible make it to where you can destroy it at least then it will reduce griefing 

Edited by Snipingsolo
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f*ck what anyone else thinks, you don't need to justify yourself, especially to faceless people on the internet. If you are just going to use it for grinding its a solid choice.


A bit overshadowed by the new Kosatka Sparrow now. Overall the new Sparrow will cost you less money to buy and upgrade, has far better spawn points, spawns immediately, no cost to replace and can carry another player and the MkII was recently gimped with a five-minute respawn timer. Another thing to consider is the Thruster (Jetpack), its quick, can get in all the same places as the MkII, has better mobility, is also a personal vehicle so can be spawned at your feet, is classified as a helicopter so it can land at your Office and is one of the few Weaponised Vehicles that can go into Passive Mode.

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If you want to participate in freemode warfare, either by protecting people from griefers or for griefing yourself, then yes, I'd say you need to own the most OP vehicle in the game.


But for grinding, no... you only need the Kosatka and Sparrow for that.


You could grind the other businesses, but using the Oppressor Mk II is kinda boring because it is so OP, and it also won't be as profitable as the Cayo Perico heist. So if you're making less money anyway, you might as well use vehicles that are fun.


9 hours ago, Snipingsolo said:

tho don’t shoot a person in a mk 2 if they are minding their own business if it’s a griefer or tryhard sure go for it but if it’s someone not griefing or is not a tryhard don’t shoot don’t ruin their day

A Mk II that is close to you is only a few seconds away from ruining your day, so I don't blame people who are proactive in this regard. I once blew up a Mk II without warning who was heading straight at a friend's sale vehicle and even though it resulted in a lot of whining I have no remorse at all about doing so. Better safe than sorry.

Edited by SummerFreeze
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As long as you're willing to take the hate and realise that every 'normal' player on the map will assume you're a c*nt. Go right ahead. 

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10 minutes ago, RyuNova said:


Just because someone flew what was at the time the best grinding vehicle near your friends sale does not give you the right to attack them. That person should not need to go out of their way to fly around a sale and inconvenience themselves or their enjoyment. I understand what you are saying, the majority of MkII users are dicks BUT you cannot complain about getting attacked after when you attacked someone with no provocation.


This will just go in circles as the MkII is a f*cking rabbit hole of f*ckery. My point is that you cannot justify attacking people and if you do that person has every right to f*ck your sh*t up after.

I agree with SummerFreeze on this one. If the Oppressor Mk2 opens fire at your friend's sale vehicle, you're already too late.

Flying straight at a delivery vehicle, not necessarily with an Oppressor mk2 but a jet or attack helicopter is usually suspicious enough.

If you choose not to fire, and the Oppressor shoots first, you lose a sale.

Also, it is not that hard to keep some distance from sales you don't intend to grief. Again, better safe than sorry on this.

If I fly my Oppressor mk2 near other players, I fully expect to be shot at.


@Snipingsolo, go ahead and buy the Oppressor Mk2, don't let anyone convince you not to get it, just expect to be randomly shot at when flying it.

I still get randomly shot at with explosive snipers when flying jets around the map. No point getting upset about it, and it's nothing personal, some people just shoot jets on sight.

Edited by AirWolf359
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I’m a pretty passive player by all accounts. I don’t care about K/D ratios, I give players every chance in the world and get killed plenty for being too trusting. But a mk2 comes in my direction I attack it,  cos 95% of mk2 users just cruise around killing folk at will. If you’re an innocent grinder then you should have gone other way or had a more innocent blip but mk2s are for killing before they kill you



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Sorry, somebody complaining about being killed in a game where we can pull Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers from between our asscheeks - and have 20 rounds of ammo to reload it, never mind any weaponised vehicles. 
Oof, I thought that stopped in 2014. More fool me. 

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The Cayo Perico DLC kinda messed everything up.


The Heist is the fastest way to make money, the Kosatka is the best Home/Business to buy, the Sparrow is the best grinding vehicle and the Toreador is the best land vehicle.

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Used the mk2 for exactly that, just go for it. Sure its a popular tool for noobs to grief, but eh you can also get targeted by the orbit cannon.

Its a great tool for farming some $. It's pretty much a no-brainer.

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