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Fighter Command - Air Force Milsim [XBOX]


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What is Fighter Command?

Fighter Command is a meritocracy with the cosmetic appearance, organization, and operations of an Air Force mil-sim.


Fighter Command is centered around two main pillars: education and air supremacy, the latter of which is its backbone. Our air force highly values the participation of its personnel, understanding the difficulty of replacing skilled airmen, placing emphasis on member retention. The training regime for new pilots is divided into various small classes, and teaches them practical skills to use in warfare to turn them into fearsome fighters.

Fighter Command uses a wing as its administrative body, which is divided into groups, which in turn are split into squadrons.



Our Mission

Every successful organization serves a purpose.

The recruitment, training, and retention of skilled airmen will always be top priority. However one of our long term goals is the restoration of the competitive, honorable merge dog-fighting community. Ever since GTAIV was released a lineage of proud and transcendent players have left their mark in history. These "pilots" competing in organized dogfights have created their own ancestry as a result of their own ambitious goals. Training new top dog-fighters as time went on. While also not only establishing their own legacies in competitive scenes, but dominating free roams as well. We would like to see this competitive culture of prideful, skillful, and transcendent players reestablished. 
This mindset should spill over to the tdm scene as well. We seek not only to recruit pilots but disciplined and skilled ground combat airmen. Using the tdm scene as means for our riflemen to place down their own mark onto the community. 

Overall we intend to perform in the competitive, and free aim scenes with honor. Establishing a solid reputation, providing our members with the skills they need to become renowned credible players in the community.


Positions Available 

Fixed Wing Fighter Pilot - P996 Lazer

  Fixed Wing Attacker Pilot - B11 Strikeforce

 Fixed Wing Bomber - RO-86 Alkonost

Helicopter Pilot - Stealth Annihilator

Tiltrotor Pilot - Avenger

 Security Forces Operator

Special Missions Airmen/TACP/Combat Controller


How to join

In order to go through our interview process you will have to apply at our recruitment Discord Server <--Here.

Then read through our rules and guidelines, react to the checkmark emoji which verifies that you under stand our rules. You will then be asked to apply for a position, after that the interview process begins.


















Socialclub (Do not request to join on social-club, it will not be looked at)


Edited by Aether
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Crew Forum Rules.



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  • 2 weeks later...



Still active, still recruiting. 


Looking specifically for ground players and those who are willing to learn proper ATC protocols and phraseology. Though we're always taking in new pilots too..


If you are interested join our discord using the link on the first post.

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New video is out!!





20 hours ago, miguelc003 said:

Hey there. Iwould like to join. How can I do that? 


Contact me on discord Tempest#8492

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  • 2 weeks later...

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