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Ballas appear after conquering all the territories?


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Hello, I bring you a somewhat strange experience that happened to me while playing.
I don't know if it has happened to any of you, but it has rarely happened to me.
It turns out that in my game in which I had already conquered all the territories, on rare occasions I saw Ballas driving with their respective vehicles that are the Tahoma and the Majestic, in areas that are supposed to be Grove Street, a somewhat short experience but the I share to know if it has happened to any of you🤔
PS: I played that game in an original GTA SA (1.0) without mods.

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Carl Theft Auto

Maybe you didn't attend the gang war when they start it, The green color will fade out.

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Even when you took over all rival gangs turfs, they still have a minor appearance in the game. They are not wiped out completely in the game, they just turned themselves into small-time gang without any specific territories. Some ballas members are also seen driving around SF as well.

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That's interesting because I have a similar bug sometimes but the Ballas member always uses the model of that generic black pedestrian guy (with the grey coat) and he is never hostile, he runs away when jacked and doesn't fight back even though he carries a gun. I think you might be experiencing the same glitch, since you said it's a rare occasion I think you experience the same thing I do expect for you the Ballas member's model always loads.

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If what I remember is correct the greener the territory on map 

The more Grove members will be in it and less other gangs' members

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