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Why is TLAD not as popular as TBOGT?

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On reddit and other gaming forums it seems like people really love TBOGT and easily prefer it over TLAD (some even prefer it over IV..).


I don't get it. TLAD had a much better story and characters and it still had plenty of mission variety too. 


Edited by FanEu7
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Algonquin Assassin

Personally I don’t care if it isn’t as popular. It’s just like GTA IV in comparison to other GTA games.


These games have a strong, almost cult like following who understand what makes them so special. TBOGT gets trumped by TLAD in every conceivable way.


I don’t care what some randoms think on Reddit.

Edited by Algonquin Assassin
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Is it not? I think it is. I haven’t been using Reddit much lately but I don’t remember what you mention. 

Maybe it is liked by a few more people but many more? I don’t feel that way.

Edited by Payne
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I think that the average gta player or gamer seems to hate GTA 4 and it's episodes due to being too grounded to their taste or gritty themes or something like maybe the vehicle handling (even tho i think both IV and V's car physics are way better than most if not all of the other open world one's like Watch Dogs and Cyberpunk).

As for TBOGT over TLAD? It's probably more to do with TBOGT being more wacky, less serious and flashier tone. I don't agree with that but i kinda understand why they seem to prefer TBOGT. IMO, TLAD had a better story than TBOGT.

Edited by FalconKing
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Personally, I don't like TLAD at all

TBOGT is much more fun and interesting

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Tankzzzzz, paruchutes shiny stuff and bling bling guns.. it's like IV with some glamour sprinkled on.. I for one love it... TLAD gets benched 💪 

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JaeDan 101

It is because GTA TBOGT got the best graphics among the three


As @Thelema93 said, it got tanks, parachutes and golden guns

People just ignore it's story, they focus in the side missions (Drug Wars) and mini-games (LC Cage Fighters, parachuting etc.)

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Carl Theft Auto

Because Tbogt had the word "Gay" in it.



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TLAD (and following that, TBOGT) were the first instances of episodic content. I never saw either of them as separate, full games - rather, they were add-ons at best. Having each eventually tell a story from a different point of view that cumulates in Three Leaf Clover was very interesting and smart. However, as much as I enjoyed the two at the time, the interest for TLAD remains rather niche. It's very heavily centred on the culture of biker gangs which isn't for everybody. Those that were turned off from the gritty realism of IV weren't likely to find much excitement in motorcycle cavalcades and a few shoot-outs.

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It's a very short storyline, and a very character-based game, on another GTAs, the player kinda chooses what is the personality of the character, some players are educated and play to complete 100%, another ones are psychotic and kill everyone they saw after the first mission, different of TLaD, that you are basically obligated to interpretate a biker badass guy the whole game.
And in my opinion, might be infamous, is that Rockstar didn't detailed TLaD as much as they did with TBoGT, like, Niko mysteriously appearing on Alderney in the introduction when he was stuck on Broker-Dukes and Bohan at that time in the game, and another stuff like that.

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Because Johnny was p unlikable who ripped off Ray for no good reason and lives in sh*tholes

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