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Reviewing your missions and mission packs

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Hey! I am Thunder0515, a new DYOMer. I have registered on the DYOM website and GTAforums recently, but before that, I have been playing hundreds of DYOM missions. I didn't really know how to create them back then, but now that I know... I can review your missions!
There will be text reviews. Have a great day, and post a mission for me to review!

Length - How long your mission(pack) will take to fully complete all the objectives.

  • Objective count - How many objectives your mission(pack) has. Will be split in 2 groups: Story (cutscenes, phone calls, etc.) and Action (shootouts, checkpoints, etc.)
  • Overall length - How long your mission(pack) actually is. This is basically the length but without the scenes that may take long. (cutscenes, drive from place A to place B)

Difficulty - How hard your mission(pack) is. A reminder that easier difficulties would be better than really hard ones.

  • Sectioned difficulty - There's a better name for this, but this splits your mission(pack) in 4 sections and goes over how difficult each one is. Example of this:
  1. Beginning: Easy. Gives you briefing, an AK47 with 300 ammo, a Deagle with 28 ammo and an armour vest. You have 100 health.
  2. Warm-up: Medium. You get a couple of police officers with pistols, including a captain with more health and a shotgun, who is basically a mini-boss.
  3. Action: Hard. SWAT operatives come in armed with MP5s and some even have M4s and shotguns. There's a lot of cover, but the SWAT operatives have 250 health and headshots off. There are some health pickups, though.
  4. Escape: Medium. You escape from the burning building running from the remains of the SWAT squads that are equipped entirely with M4s, but their accuracy is trivial. There's also a timer set that forces you to escape on time.
  • Player comfort - How comfortable is a player playing the mission(pack). Giving a player too much pickups/action or too little is a difference between an easy and a difficult mission(pack).
  • Ramp-up - Measures how your mission(pack) ramps up in difficulty as it goes on.

Variety - How much your mission(pack) varies.

  • Weapon variety - How much actors' weapons vary. A good example of this would be using shotguns, rifles, pistols and SMGs for actors.
  • Actor skin variety - How much actors' skins vary. A good example of this would be using 280-282 police officer models.
  • Vehicle variety - How much vehicles vary. These can vary by colour, car model or just generally their health.

Plot - The plot of your mission(pack).

  • Storytelling - How good your mission(pack) tells the story as it goes on. As an example, Half-Life tells you the story really good.
  • Realism - How realistic is the plot of your mission(pack). Fiction DOES NOT count.
  • Atmosphere - What atmosphere does the plot set in. San Andreas' story sets an atmosphere of a ruthless gangster, for example.

Good luck! Here's an example review of the first mission of my MP 'The Howling Alpha':
(Spoilered because too long and because of spoilers)


Length: Medium, 5-6 minutes.

  • Objective Count - about 50. Good for an average mission.
  • Overall Length - 3-4 minutes. There are a lot of cutscenes and phonecalls, including the ones in the beginning and as mission progresses. It's fine for a prologue.

Difficulty: Extremely easy.

  • Sectioned difficulty:
  1. Beginning: Easy. There are actors with 100 HP and headshots off with 50 accuracy. However, you get a 100% accurate ally with an MP5. You have a Tec-9 with 150 ammo and 100 health.
  2. Escape: Easy. Escape from the cops by getting in a car. You have a lot of time.
  3. Arrival to Los Santos: Again, impossible to die on accident.
  4. Getting the car: Yet again, cannot die on accident at all.
  • Player comfort - Decent. The player doesn't get pickups, however there's not a lot of action. Fine for a prologue, though.
  • Ramp-up - Backwards. It's ramping down.

Variety: Good overall.

  • Weapon variety - The actors house pistols, a supressed pistol, a shotgun and some UZIs. Your ally houses an MP5.
  • Actor skin variety - The actors have Triada and Da Nang Thang skins.
  • Vehicle variety - Outside there are 2 cars parked, both being black Admirals. You escape in a black ZR-350. Later, you get a black Washington.

Plot: Great. It spans over multiple missions and most of them are unreleased, so I'll just cover the plot of this mission.

  • Storytelling - A CCTV footage review covers the story really great.
  • Realism - Incredibly realistic, as police obviously has access to the security cameras, and russian mafia in the 90s were a common thing.
  • Atmosphere - Sets a slightly bleak atmosphere of the crime world.


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boy of the cones

Here's my Mission Pack : 


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Posted (edited)


Length: Medium-Long, 6-7 minutes.

  • Objective Count - about 35. There were 'go there' and 'kill them' objectives which made it long.
  • Overall Length - 3-4 minutes. It is due to shootouts and go to place A. Although, there's still a lot of cutscenes.

Difficulty: Medium.

  • Sectioned difficulty:
  1. Beginning: Impossible to die. You start with nothing, but then you gather a radio and then find a Micro-Uzi.
  2. Zombie ambush: Hard. Zombies can dish out a lot of damage if they swarm you, but so can you if you headshot them. Had to act quickly and get up on a building.
  3. Ammu-nation section: Easy. At first, you find an MP5 and a cheeky hidden armour vest. Then, you get ambushed by zombies. Unfortunately, the MP5 dishes out a lot of DPS, which means you kill them quickly.
  4. Escape: Impossible to die. You just escape on a boat.
  • Player comfort - Average. It's good to give players a lot of ammo, but not too much. Although, zombies have a lot of health, so 1000 ammo of an SMG is alright.
  • Ramp-up - Weird. The sudden scale in difficulty that appears from the beginning is justified, as you just got a gun, so you obviously are forced to use it. Afterwards, you find an MP5 and an armour vest, and then you have to face off zombies, which are weaker and die quickly due to your MP5.

Variety: Nice.

  • Weapon variety - Great. You find a Micro-Uzi, while your ally has an MP5. Then you find an MP5.
  • Actor skin variety - Decent. There are only 2 zombie skins.
  • Vehicle variety - Great. You find a few of these. A Patriot and a Barracks can be found. They're not drivable. However, in the escape sequence you find a boat; a Reefer.

Plot: Good for a single chapter.

  • Storytelling - Great. The storytelling was great, as it explained most things.
  • Realism - Quite realistic. The object and vehicle placement is really good.
  • Atmosphere - Amazing. Foggy, uncanny atmosphere; usual for a zombie horror.

Great job on this! Hoping to see more from you! :D

Edited by Thunder0515
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You have a nice structure to your reviews. I like that 😮

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3 hours ago, VikingEVM said:

I'd like to submit this "old" storyline of mine for reviewing 😋

https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/64604 (don't read the comment below, it's spoiler)


Length: Mission Pack; 40-45 minutes.

  • Objective Count Mission Count: 8
  • Overall Length Average mission length: 5-6 minutes.

Difficulty: Medium.

  • Sectioned difficulty:
  1. Introduction & Lost: Introduction: Easy, Lost: Impossible to die.
  2. Fort Carson & Jackal: Fort Carson: Medium, Jackal: Intermediate.
  3. Internal Conflict & Gone: Internal Conflict: Medium, Gone: Medium.
  4. Rescue & Boyle: Rescue: Medium, Boyle: .
  • Player comfort - Great. Most missions supplied you with enough weapons and health.
  • Ramp-up - Good. The missions get harder progressively.

Variety: Awesome.

  • Weapon variety - Good. Actors have pistols, suppressed pistols, AKs, M4s, shotguns, rifles, basically everything.
  • Actor skin variety - Amazing. Every actor is different from one another.
  • Vehicle variety - Great. There are a lot of vehicles you can find including bikes and cars.

Plot: Good! I liked the plot, but it has some holes.

  • Storytelling - Great. Storytelling is a bit of a weak aspect, but there are enough cutscenes to do the job.
  • Realism - REALLY GOOD. Object placement rivals V for Vinegar, and the fact that rescue is on a time limit is realistic due to no oxygen being in the trunk.
  • Atmosphere - OK. It's OK, nothing really out of ordinary.

One question, though. How do you pronounce Myles? As in Mai-les or as in Moo-les?
Overall, great! :D I liked it!

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13 hours ago, zeko said:

would like to hear thoughts about this.


appreciated it!


xdd 100 objectives every mission

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Can you review my missionpack?
Much appreciated it, it has some interesting new mechanics too.

EDIT: Oh wait, you already did. Then what about a full review?

Edited by Axoez
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