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Newb - 'A life of shine' locked

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Newb - How unlock 'A life of Shine' missions? Currently greyed out with lock symbol. Tried lowest and highest honor.


How do you get more stories, done 'Land of Opportunity'.

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You need to get the moonshiner role, pay for it, if you have not (for "a life of shine.")

As far as I remember, I've always been at max honor but had no problem doing the moonshiner missions?


Also this thread, but you say you already were at max dishonor?




Found another thread about starting the moonshiner role:




If you DO need the moonshine role for it, you also have to have the trader role FIRST; it is Cripps who gives

you the Maggie (moonshiner lady) intro letter or something. Most of us would have never encountered that,

since we had Trader/Bounty Hunter and Collector for eons before Moonshiner was added.

So I never had to do a delivery first, with Cripps, to get a letter from him about starting a Moonshiner thing

with Maggie (as far as I remember.) To the best of my knowledge, when Moonshiner role was added Cripps says

something about it as soon as you get in game (if you are already a trader, but it might be different for new players

as that guy says in that link)


More stories done in "Land of opportunity" is that you have to go max the opposite honor (dishonor or honor)

to get the rest. For example, I'm only at 77%/whatever because I've never gone max dishonor and am almost always max honor.

So I don't have the start of the "max dishonor" "Land of opportunity" missions on the map; I need to get around to that, someday  ;)


They seem to have kind of mixed it up, in that thread I mentioned, since as I said I don't remember having to be dishonorable 

for anything to do with "a life of shine"/moonshine missions from Maggie.


This is a good link explaining it, as you can see in the breakdown the "Land of opportunity", moonshiner stuff is separate 

and he only mentions "Land of opportunity" as needing different honor for parts:




"Path of the Gunslinger

The following missions are available only to players who are honorable.


"Where Your Morals Lead You"

"Highly Illegal and Highly Moral"

"Bring a Goddamn Posse"

"The Hanging of Tom Davies"


Path of the Outlaw

The following missions are available only to players who are dishonorable.


"Kerosene, Tar, and Greed"

"More Than One Way To Earn a Buck"

"These Bastards Can Fight"

"Banks Don't Rob Themselves" "


Edited by Krommer
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