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Wich business don't require matchmaking?


Go to solution Solved by AirWolf359,

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Hello, I'm an Online casual player so I mostly like to play solo.

I would like to know wich businesses don't have forced co op missions, I owned the Kosatka so I'm really happy with this purchase since i can do the heist and prep mission on my own. 

Just got the penthouse and it was a turn off for me Agatha Baker's mission require at least 2 players. 


Which other properties you people recommend for solo players like me?

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  • Solution
Posted (edited)

First, the Kosatka and Cayo Perico heist is clearly the best solo business, once you get the hang of doing it undetected. And you can do it all in Invite-Only sessions.

But I take it you want to know about every possible business in the game? Ok, here goes. Beware, some of the following require public sessions:


CEO crate warehouses (Requires public session): don't bother. Sure, it is perfectly doable solo and a good moneymaker, but very grindy, gets boring quickly, and other players can lock homing missiles onto your vehicles.

Incidentally, this is the best way to gain levels quick, if you buy 4 warehouses, buy 1 crate, sell it, then do the same with the other 3 warehouses during the sell cooldown. For this too, don't bother, there is nothing after rank 135 except cheat accusations. And by the time you can afford to buy 4 crate warehouses and buy/sell 1 at a time, you probably don't need any more levels.



MC businesses (Requires public session): don't bother, there isn't really an efficient way to do them solo. Most people who still do MC are doing them with friends, buying supplies and selling them all together. It isn't worth the pay or the pain in 2021 though.

Duffel bag sales were nice while it lasted (has been disabled) but it required friends to get them. The rest of the sale missions are slow and tedious. Also, other players can lock homing missiles onto your sale vehicles.


Vehicle warehouse (Requires public session): Get it. Very solo friendly, steal one car, sell one car each time. Only sell the high-end cars though, keep standard and mid-range cars in your warehouse. The game only gives you cars you don't have, so if you get a high-end car, sell it, so you may get a high-end car again next time, but if you get a standard / mid-range car, don't sell it, you want to end up with 10 standard range, and 10 mid range cars in your warehouse, and constantly stealing and selling high-end cars. If there are any high-end cars you don't like to drive, hold on to those too, so you don't get them again. There are 32 different cars (10 standard, 10 midrange, 12 high end), and I keep 31 of them in my warehouse, so I can drive the same one each time.


Bunker (Requires public session) is a good investment. Best passive income in the game, when you have staff and equipment upgrade. Get Chumash or Farmhouse, avoid Paleto. Steal one full bar supplies (or buy it for 75k), let it run out, and you'll end up with 140k in stock (local sale) or 210k if you sell it in the city. You want a bunker close to the city for this reason.

Don't bother building up full stock, it will only result in more vehicles to sell at once. One bar of supplies turns into 20% of full stock, and it will always be a single vehicle to sell.


Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention you kinda need a bunker if you want upgraded Mk2 guns, even if you don't plan to do product sales.

Also, Hangars (air freight business Requires public session) If you regularly visit Fort Zancudo, buy one there. Don't bother on LSIA. Yes, the air freight missions suck when you do them solo, and the pay is bad. I did 42 sources solo and sold all cargo each time I had 10 for a solo sale. (random cargo, didn't bother with the bonuses, which require you to make the full sale, no cargo lost, or the bonus is void)


Doomsday facility, don't bother, you won't be doing the doomsday heist with randoms, you need friends all the way. You should only buy this to store a Khanjali tank, Avenger plane or Jetpack.

Also, stealing the prep equipment requires public sessions, but you can buy the equipment in Invite-Only sessions, and you can play the setups and finales in Invite-Only sessions.


Nightclub (Requires public session to sell goods)

If you want an Oppressor Mk2 with missiles, you will need a nightclub eventually, and when you get one, you might as well set it up to produce Sporting Goods (bunker product).

Promotions can (should) be done in Invite-Only. Griefing someone else's promotion increases your own Nightclub's popularity.


If you see someone in public sessions promoting their Nightclub, please grief them by all means, because it increases popularity for your own Nightclub. Keep in mind, most of the promotion vehicles are immune to missile lock.

For ground vehicle promotions, Hydra or Broomstick mk2 with free-aim missiles should work, makes for great target practice. For the chrome Buzzard, I suggest using a Hydra, and dive bombing them with the cannons.

If they are flying the blimp that plays obnoxiously loud music, take a broomstick mk2, deluxo or helicopter (anything that flies and has mounted missiles) but set the missiles in non-homing mode, so their countermeasure flares don't work. Then leave the session before they report you :kekw: (yes, I have actually been reported for hitting someone's blimp with a non-homing broomstick mk2 missile. He thought flares would deflect those, but they only deflect in homing mode)


By now you probably think I'm a griefer, but in my definition, it is only griefing if the activity I am "griefing" requires a public session.

Interfering with business sales or doomsday preps is griefing. I won't do that. Afterall, not everyone knows how to get empty public session to grind in peace.


Interfering with VIP work, client jobs, nightclub promotions, Casino heist preps or Cayo Perico heist preps is not griefing. You can totally avoid getting "griefed" by doing them in Invite-Only.

These are fair game to grief in public sessions, and there are real rewards for interfering, not just the bullcrap RP and $2000. You usually stand to get whatever the other party was going to get from their job, like nightclub popularity, the full takings from the client job, or some usable heist prep equipment.


We don't talk about the Arena Workshop and good businesses in the same topic. It is an adversary mode with pay-to-win, it is not a business.


Penthouse is still a somewhat useful purchase, even if you never do Miss Baker's missions. You have VIP access to the casino, so you don't have to sneak your way in during some missions from later updates.


Arcades: (requires matchmaking but you can do all the heist preps in Invite-Only lobbies)

It's fairly easy to do Casino heist Big Con (Gruppe6 entry) or Aggressive approach with randoms, as long as you prep it right, but well, you still can't do it solo. Up to you. Just forget about doing Silent&Sneaky undetected with randoms.

If you go for Casino heist, definitely get the La Mesa arcade, it is closest to the casino (being close to Casino is important) and not as expensive as the one in Vinewood.

You can do all the preps solo, the only forced co-op is during the heist finale. As for heist preps:


Scoping the casino:

Make sure you scope the security tunnel under the horse racing track, and the gate in the sewer. This unlocks Gruppe6 entry for Big Con, and Sewer entry for Aggressive.


Aggressive approach:

Hacker: money is time. Get the most expensive hacker available.

Gunner: Gustavo mota or Patrick McReary. They give you good guns with extended magazines. Avoid Chester McCoy, he gives you MK2 guns with specialized ammo, very small clips and low capacity, useless and too expensive.

Driver: mandatory, even though half the time you may not even use the getaway vehicles. The cheapest driver is Karim Denz, and his best car is the Sentinel Classic. Or source whatever vehicle you want to unlock the trade price for. You don't actually have to drive the vehicle during the heist, it will still unlock the trade price.


Mandatory preps:

Expect resistance. You are prepping Aggressive, and it will show in the preps. You can not do any of them stealthy undetected. With the underwater prep, you will get detected after picking one up.


Not-so-Optional preps:

  • Level 2 keycards.
    You don't want to get shot while hacking a keypad. Just get the cards, and make sure they are level 2, not level 1.
  • Duggan Shipments.
    There will be 10 targets, some of them will be helicopters, some boats, and some trucks. If you are not well equipped, go after the trucks first. You need 3 kills minimum, so the guards inside the casino won't be wearing their bulletproof helmets and you can kill them with 1 headshot. They require 4 headshots or a full clip into the body otherwise. More kills means the guards will be weaker.
  • Boring Machine (for sewer entry) and reinforced armor are a must.
    And make sure you use REINFORCED armor style during the finale. If you source reinforced armor and use standard/upscale/orderly during the finale, you're doing it wrong. I have quit heists over that. I don't mind using the non-reinforced armors if the host actually skipped sourcing the reinforced armor though.

Optional preps:

  • Patrol routes is not necessary, you'll be shot at from every direction, just shoot back. You can save time by skipping this.
  • Power drills. Just leave the vault after you got the primary target, the deposit boxes are hardly worth the efford of staying longer and looting them. And since you probably only want 1 random, you may not even get all of the primary loot, let alone the deposit boxes.

The Big Con: (my favourite)

Hacker: time is money money is time

Gunner: cheapest. You won't be firing a single shot at the guards, instead you'll only be doing a few meelee attacks.

Driver: just source the cars you want a trade price for, or use the Sentinel Classic from Karim Denz.


Mandatory preps:

Entry disguise: Cycle through to Gruppe6. Pay attention, it consists of 2 parts: the car and the uniforms.


Not-so-optional preps:

  • Level 2 keycards. You don't want to be spotted hacking a keypad.
  • Exit disguise. Firefighter is easy to source. Or you can collect the playing cards, unlock the High Roller outfit and use that instead. No need to source that each time.


Optional preps:

Patrol routes

Duggan shipments

And if randoms ask for unreasonable cuts, leave the heist and find other randoms. Offer one random 20%, and don't go over 25%. And if they turn out to be a n00b, leave.

The preps is at least 60% of the work, and you did that all solo. You more than deserve your 75-85%.


And if you ever do Cayo Perico co-op, and anyone asks for more than 15%, kindly remind them that you can do the heist without them, so they can take it or leave it.


Why would anyone in their right mind do Cayo Perico with other players? Well, Rockstar kinda forces you, if you want to get the best loot, or only the loot from the compound.

If there are enough paintings and gold stashes inside the compound, you can swim in through the drainage pipe, get the primary target, fill your bags with the paintings and the gold (remember a painting is 50% so take it before the gold or have 1 player take 2 paintings, and the other only gold) and then you can just walk to the ocean on your left, after exiting the compound, and swim out into the ocean, so you don't risk getting detected at the docks.


Edited by AirWolf359
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The best choice for solo is Import/Export.  If you're grinding the Cayo Perico heist tho then get a bunker so it can work in the background.

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Import/Export got boring a lot quicker than Special Cargo.


Sincerely, reformed crate grinder (2000+ pickups).

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Just got the office, shame I need to be in a public lobby to purchase a vehicle warehouse 

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51 minutes ago, TheJesus1996 said:

Just got the office, shame I need to be in a public lobby to purchase a vehicle warehouse 

I hope you read this in time, but running that warehouse requires a public lobby too, I'll edit my previous post.

CEO crates, MC business, vehicle warehouse, bunker and nightclub sales have to be done in public session, of course you can get empty public sessions, but still.

Stuff that does not require public session: Classic heists (although you may get dumped into public sessions after finishing them), Casino heist (apart from the initial arcade setup), Cayo Perico heist.

Doomsday heist can partially be done in Invite-Only, and if you're willing to buy all prep equipment you won't need public sessions. But you still need a friend all the way so don't bother.

Edited by AirWolf359
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