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I don't like how Lance Vance is handled in VCS, thoughts?

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He is turned into a complete joke. Sure sometimes he f*cked up in VC but overall he was a serious and intriguing character.


In VCS he seems like a fool who screws up and has a goofy personality all the time. Honestly one of the worst parts of VCS is how they handled him

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maybe because his brother vic vance died, thats why he stopped being a goofy, then he became a backstabber prick


*Spoiler Alert !!!

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He was always a fool he just acted serious in VC to impress Tommy then started to slowly show his real face and how he is still a kid

And that's realistic because you don't have to act in front of your family 

People show their real faces after Getting used to you

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Wayne Kerr

Man I like VCS Lance, VC Lance is pretty cool but VCS Lance is funny af, I get people find him over the top here but to me he has a stronger presence in VCS. Dare I say if VCS was half as popular as VC (or if it came first), VCS Lance would have been seen as a more memorable character


Funny enough for all his mess ups and whinging to Vic, Lance seemed more like an equal partner with Vic, I liked the Vance duo, the eccentric Lance complimented the straight man Vic pretty well. I really really have a soft spot for Tommy-Lance but to me Lance seems more like a sidekick to Tommy especially after the Vercetti Estate is acquired


I like to think Lance's relatively serious behaviour in VC was the result of losing Vic + becoming hardened after two years of experience since. Also Blue suit Lance > White suit Lance

Edited by Utopianthumbs
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He was more cocky and stupider in VCS.

In Vice City, this was toned down until he betrayed Tommy. He was stupid for doing that.

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Tomminsky Sickletty

Maybe he acts a little too goofy, but at least it kinda makes sense why.


In VCS the most you see of him he's interacting with his brother, so it makes sense he's more at ease and goofing around.

In VC not only his brother just f*cking died, Lance is also trying to earn Tommy's trust which is a complete stranger at the beginning of the game , so it makes sense he's more restrained and serious.


I think Vic's the one who got the worst treatment, even posted a tread about it.

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It lines up with Lance's actions in VC, notice how as the story progresses Lance will call Tommy acting paranoid and saying to Tommy how he doesn't want to be treated like a kid, etc. Or how he tried to jump Diaz without a plan? Or how he failed to secure money from the stores they were sharking and instead decided to feel sorry for himself and drink at the bar?

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