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Your Top 3 favourite characters of GTA IV apart from Niko?


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For me:

1. Packie (badass, funny and very interesting especially if you do his friend activities)

2. Roman (like his optimism and bond with Niko)

3. ULP contact (liked the mysterious vibe with him, very intriguing character)

Edited by FanEu7
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Packie McReary. His conversations when hanging out with Niko that can be super hilarious or super dark or both are a highlight of the game. A very endearing and entertaining character.


Mikhail Faustin. Just a fantastically well written and acted character, everything he says is gold. His first appearance in that basement scene is the best thing in any GTA game. If only he was around longer.


Elizabeta Torres. Total badass and I love her attitude always laughing and partying in her apartment. All time favourite female GTA character.



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I guess my top 5 would be the five friend options (Roman, Jacob, Brucie, Dwayne, Packie). Hard to narrow it down to 3, I guess i would exclude Dwayne but it's tough to choose 3 out of the remaining 4. I didn't like Brucie so much before but I've changed my mind, his overly positive go getter attitude is kind of refreshing for me. And the other three I like a lot too so hard to decide. So for me it's




Brucie/Packie cause I can't decide 


Also honourable mention to Vlad, think the dude is hilarious and he didn't deserve what he got if you ask me

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Lance Mayhem


Jon Gravelli -- interesting how the most successful criminal in the game is the most honest with Niko. 


Marnie -- totally different kind of character from anything you'd expect in a video game. Would have been nice to have had more exchanges with her. 


Darko -- the hardest / softest anticlimax you could get. His was a particularly downbeat story. 



Maybe on a different day, I might have picked characters not burdened by such regret and remorse. *shrug*



Surprise,  surprise to everyone who thought I'd say Kiki again. 


...ah, Kiki...



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Darko, Jimmy, and the best of all, Dmitri


On a serious note Roman, Little Jacob, and the United Liberty Paper Contact

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