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DYOM Updates?

Recommended Posts


Anyone heard of DYOM# (expansion/add-on for DYOM 8.1) or DYOM 8.2? Also, are the original admins/devs aware of this mod?





DYOM 8.2



There is an entire list of dedicated features requested on DYOM's FANDOM



Also why isn't the DYOM mod getting any regular updates?

Last updated on 22 Jan 2014

Also both versions of the DYOM mod i.e. 8.1 & 8.2 are buggy as hell. It seems there was another DYOM mod in-works labelled and tagged as 'DYOM v9.0' (which, I didn't know about until today!)


YouTube video of Ninja FTW


GTAFORMS Public Thread

This guy started working on the mod from the scratch without altering the original files. But, was forced to abandon the MOD in pressure of both the Modmakers. This project was started via a Public Thread on GTAFORMS simply titled 'Construction of DYOM V.9 Begins' but, Dutchy3010 rejected the appeal quoting

Dear Husnain123,


Thank you for the major compliment you gave us with your enthusiasm.


It took us, two experienced modders, years to make it to the last version. I understand that you would like to make DYOM from scratch. I seriously think that you underestimate the time it takes to make a modification like this and the level of difficulty of this modification. Of course I do not know your coding experience, so please forgive me my cynism. We received hundreds of requests like this and none could really meet our expectations and demands.


Apart from the above, we are currently not giving permission to anyone to use or edit our modification.


Please do not hestitate to send us screenshots (by pm) of your coding work. Perhaps you can convince us of your modding ability, so we can discuss a collaboration.


Kind regards,

also on behalf of PatrickW,



Also, this statement "...We received hundreds of requests like this and none could really meet our expectations and demands." literally, means you killed hundreds of decent modmakers and thousands of hours of time that could be saved by collaborating with other modmakers. Now, the problems I have faced with this mod,

* No way to color text in-game

* No tutorials whatsoever

* Version 1.00 is required

* No way to add audio in-game

* Buggy game, always crashing either during mission or on a cutscene

* NPC irregular behaviour

* Radar goes off at times

Solve these basic problems before adding any features


Support and respect other modmakers. Many modmakers actually cleo-scripted fixes for these issues and worked out perfectly for me; think about it 'original'  dev!



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  • 2 weeks later...

If you look at how many replies and reactions these mods' posts made, compare it to how much any other post in this sub-forum in the past 2-3 years, You'll know how much recognized these mods are in this community.

DYOM# by SIZZ, has beed praised by every designer here, for its huge addition of features as well as its relatively bug-free execution. Most designers now use it all the time, it's almost treated like a legitimate update, (even though it's only an add-on). I don't know what did the original mod makers say about it, though.

As for DYOM 8.2 by Springfield, it was very buggy and basically unfunctional. So it isn't used at all.

I'd like to see a new update as much as the other guy. But It's up to the original creators to make that, as DYOM is their own.. "brand", and it's their desicion to make regarding it. Anyways, the door is always open for new mod makers to make a "mission designing" mod that competes with DYOM with a different name and a different script. Then again they'll be modding a decade and half old game, with little audiance, and many engine limitaions. And later they'll start to wonder if it's worth the effort at all.

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