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Liberty City

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I have a question. 

There are two cheats in GTA SA. One that let cars float when touched and second the famouse flying car cheat. 


If you combine both cheats, touch the car in a angled tunnel like the one in SF, jump on another car to try to get in the floating car, that should hang on the ceiling of the tunnel, you gain the ability to fly as high as you want with that car. (Strangly nobody seems to know that and i seem always be the only one who knows that) 


Ok, now to the question. Liberty City is very high up the air from what i know. So when we visit it via the mission and fall down, it is above the border how high we can go normaly. What if i use this trick and fly so high i want go the location, where normaly libery city would be located. Can i see it then like the ghost town in gta 3 behind the mountain, or is it outside the mission not loaded at all? 


Would be interesting to know. 🤔

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It doesn't work that way. It's part of the interior world.

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On 1/2/2021 at 7:48 AM, Vanzant said:

It doesn't work that way. It's part of the interior world.

But you can glitch into the interior world and then use both cheats in combo to fly up there? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

You have to use the door in the sky to enter Liberty City, lol.

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