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[WIP] [MP] The Howling Alpha


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Prologue recap:


After Dmitry left Volgograd to go to Volshzky, Yakuza has entered the restaurant 'Tiger'. Wolf and Evgeniy fought back the Yakuza. Ruslan, who was there to sell the foreign export ZR-350 has escaped with an unknown vehicle to Los Santos. Afterwards, both Wolf and Evgeniy escape. Wolf goes to Los Santos and orders a Washington from Ruslan for 6000$, but Ruslan tells him to pay tomorrow for unknown reasons. Wolf finds a note in the car saying:
- I knew what sh*t you were in, check the trunk.
After checking the trunk, Wolf finds a baseball bat.

Dirty Work recap:


Thinking how to repay Ruslan, Wolf parks the car at the Santa Maria Beach. He calls Dmitry, who doesn't pick up the phone. So he calls ?????? and gets a favour from him. After grabbing 4 bags of cocaine, Wolf gets heat on him. He hides the 4 bags in the trees at the Market Mall. He gets 3000$ from the Barber Shop, but the car is busted. Afterwards, Dmitry calls him and asks him why did he call. Wolf tells him that he needs to pay Ruslan 6000$, but he already got half of it. Dmitry gives him a favour to collect protection money from a Burger Shot in Temple. The owner wasn't there, so Wolf breaks in and steals 3000$. Dmitry additionally pays him 500$. After a few hours, (which isn't shown)
Wolf buys 2 nights in the Jefferson Motel for 100$ each. He also fixes Ruslan's Car for 300$.

 Pay Up recap:


After watching the news, Wolf gets called by Ruslan. Ruslan tells him to pay the money at the Unity Station. After arriving there, Wolf notices aztecas attacked Ruslan. He gets him into Ruslan's Bobcat and rushes to the hospital. He pays Ruslan 6000$ there which goes to Ruslan's hospital bill. Afterwards, he drives back and kills all of the aztecas and then drives the Bobcat to the hospital. A few minutes later, Dmitry gets the new by Wolf and gets angry. However, he quickly calms down after Wolf said what he did to them.






Age: 30 (assumed)

Rank: Right Hand Man of the Boss of the Russian Mafia, Leader of Los Santos Russian Mafia  Was temporarily the leader.

Police Notes:

We have nothing at this guy. We don't even have his name!
We see him a lot, but know little; we need information on him.

He is a marksman, which makes us think he was in the military.
If so, the list of suspects would be much shorter.
Presumably the one behind the multiple heists that have occured in Los Santos.
He's not very recognizable due to his face being usually unknown to the others.
Kill on sight. Arrest if possible.




Dmitry Tarasov Popovich

Age: 47
Rank: Leader of the Russian Mafia, Owner of the restaurant 'Tiger' in Volgograd.

Police Notes:

An improbable, very powerful man. Has connections everywhere.

We're unable to catch him due to that.

Although, FSB in Russia has provided us with some data for him, like his full name
and his restaurant that he owns.
We tried to catch him once, but that failed horribly with multiple police casualties.




Evgeniy Osapov

Age: 20 (assumed to be)

Rank: Co-owner of the restaurant 'Tiger'
Police Notes:

This guy is not in the mafia, but he still is willing to have business with them.

We see no point in capturing him.

Was the previous owner of the restaurant 'Tiger' before he sold it to Dmitry for about 25000$ in RUBs.

Last name is unknown.




Ruslan Borisov Sokolovich

Age: 36

Rank: Russian Mafia Cars and Arms dealer
Police Notes:
He is a very vital asset for the russian mafia.
Catching him may be important to take them down.
Unfortunately, everything that he delivers to them is completely legal,
so we're not authorized to do so at all.



Ivan Egorov Orlovich
Age: 17
Rank: Bouncer at the Ghetto Club in Willowfield, Helper of 'Wolf'
Police Notes:

Small fella. Not our priority at all.
Despite his age, knows how to use a gun and can win a fight easily.
Went to boxing tournaments before.
Has not finished high school.



?????? ????
Age: 25 (assumed to be)
Rank: LSPD Police officer
Police notes:
A corrupt police officer. We do not know his name or even face.
We have noticed no deviation from the schedule at LSPD that could catch him in the act.
Really mysterious. Lesser leads on him than for 'Wolf'.
Assumed to sell heavy drugs like raw cocaine, LSD and heroine.
Possibly sells explosives, too.
If only we could catch him in the act.
Phone calls that we have captured that were done by him were sent from a forest in Flint County.
Upon investigation, nothing was found.
He never revealed his name. Contacted Wolf and several unknown numbers several times.
He sometimes was contacted by Wolf which we found strange.

Reminder: New characters would be added as the MP is progressing.


Dirty Work
Pay Up

Edited by Thunder0515
Story Recap added
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Mission 3 is released! Mission 4 will be released on 15th January.
Update on the MP:
1. It will have 3 acts with 8 missions each. Yes, 24 missions.
2. SD will be fluid, and may use A LOT of file size.
3. The art on the complete ZIP-ped edition will be the same as in this topic, but there will be the screenshots of the first missions around it. Act 2 and 3 will not be released to public until they're fully done, which will take 2-3 months due to me being busy.

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I'm looking forward to this, it is a nice MP, good luck, because I don't have that much hope for my MP anymore.

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Also, the players don't have to download DYOM# to play your missions made with DYOM#, pretty cool right?

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18 minutes ago, Axoez said:

Also, the players don't have to download DYOM# to play your missions made with DYOM#, pretty cool right?

Nice, but I prefer for players to not be able to go inside interiors during missions. Although, in Singleplayer it does that, too.

Thanks for your feedback as well! :D

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18 minutes ago, Thunder0515 said:

to not be able to go inside interiors during missions


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