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Possible Gta Vi trailer music


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7 hours ago, Len Lfc said:

That'd be interesting. They've never done it before (Although that doesn't mean they never will). But I certainly wouldn't expect it. Again, it's a bit more thematic to use a song for GTA.

The intro to Vice City used some sort of score. Although I have no idea if it was original or not. They could do something like that. But I don't think they will.


Yeah, all of the intro themes are original, made by the in-house musician at Rockstar North. At the time of Vice City the guy was Lex Horton. I assumed the RDR trailer music was original score, but turns out it isn't, at least the first teaser anyway. I guess it's down to it sounding more ambient than song.


But yes mate, totally in agreement about them using music. Just trying to highlight as you have that it could literally be anything.


I think the best way to describe that would be to make you think of the vibe of GTA V and all the music within. Very urban and modern, yet the first teaser for the game used this, completely off vibe with the retail game. There is not one person here who would have guessed they'd use music like this at the time before the game was released.




Edited by darkdayz
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Len Lfc

Better yet, GTA V was designed to be very contemporary. And they announced it with Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake. Typical! 

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If the next GTA game is Mafia-focused, I think it wouldn't hurt to use this song in the first trailer.



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