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Please Help Me


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Hi there, Im not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I was playing GTA V online, when a random modder read out my ip address and had me booted. I can no longer long onto online, and am distraught by the fact he has my ip. I am not sure what to do nor sure about how to get back online. Please help, thanks!

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were you booted offline or booted from the session?


I have seen this a few times, many will read your IP off their menu to scare you; that's usually all it is, chances are they have zero idea what to even do with an IP to be "malicious".

there's hundreds of modders in online these days, just about all modder's menus display player's IP addresses for whatever reason.

I wouldn't stress over it at all, however if you are still worried and want to be a bit more safer in lobbies I suggest looking to get a VPN.


I will say this though, about a year ago I did run into a modder who read someone elses's IP in the public chat claiming he was going DDoS them. I don't recall what I said, but I responded to it and about 30 seconds later my internet turned off for about 10 minutes. nothing else happened afterwards.

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Yeah it all depends what Internet you have and router. Mine is very good at standing attacks and any which do manage to boot me off, I'm safe knowing that when I restart my router I get a new IP each time. Other people have routers which crash when attacked and if you are stuck with a static IP that's no good cos everytime you restart it will crash again.


I play Xbox anyway so people usually DDoS port 3074. But you can change ports on Xbox so it usually does nothing to me. Occasionally I get signed out of Xbox live and cannot sign back but rest of my Internet still works. I just select a new port and shrug it off as a crybaby couldn't handle being killed. If my kids are streaming video or downloading at same time and I notice lag I restart router and new IP problem gone.

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