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Best place to test/drive cars in san andreas

Luis Vercetti

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Luis Vercetti

So basically i wondering, were is the best place to drive fast cars in san andreas? For example i want to drive the infernus without crashing into a random car every 2 seconds. Any thoughts?

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Evil empire

Given the infernus' poor handling you'll have difficulties not to crash with that piece of junk.


I think the Las Venturas ringroad is a good place to drive fast especially with the GHOSTTOWN code.

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If you're good, I recommend starting at Juniper Hollow in San Fierro and taking the Gant Bridge over to Bayside, through the tunnel and along the highway to Las Venturas. You'll pass the diner, parts of the desert and the quarry before hitting the big city. Then, you can take a loop around the outside and leaving the exit to the north that leads to the abandoned airstrip. Pass through El Quebrados and join the road that takes you back through the tunnel and on the same road behind Bayside. I've found this to be a great little route when I want to just drive and listen to the radio for a bit. You might struggle with the Infernus because of some potentially heavy traffic on the bridge and the ringroad, but it's enjoyable enough.


If you want big, open spaces though, it's hard to beat San Fierro's airport. I recommend this airport because of the road that carries you over the entrance and the stunt possibilities. Any airport will do, but it feels a bit sterile at times when all you want to do is see the sights, not worry so much about crashing your car.

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