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Bug: Black Screen in multiplayer and single player


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 I was having the same problem, but I spent the afternoon trying to find the reason for the problem. Until I decided to just insert two graphic script files that modify the graphic atmosphere of the game, and also removing the skygfx files from the mod's root folder. I hope to help you: Fix black screen (mediafire.com)
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Thanks I have tried to find the solution to this bug since the multiplayer was launched, really thank you very much


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On 12/29/2020 at 9:57 PM, Null_20 said:

I can't enjoy the Mod because of a black screen bug, both in multiplayer and single player I can't play because of that black screen bug


test image




Q: I am having blackscreen issues when playing GTA: Underground. The HUD is visible, but everything else is not, while I can hear in-game audio just fine. What's wrong?

A: This is a known problem and we know it is related to the postfx shader which is used by GTA: Underground. We will fix the issue soon, for now you can use the following workaround step by step:


   1. Navigate to your installation directory and open skygfx1.ini.

   2. Find this configuration option:

   3. ;colorFilter=PS2 ; Select the color filter

    Change it to:

    colorFilter=PS2 ; Select the color filter

    Save the file and restart your game. This will override the postfx shader used by GTA: Underground, which means the in-game weather in any additional map included in GTA: Underground will look very weird, but it should solve the issue.



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