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Your favourite arc in San Andreas?


Recommended Posts

The San fierro arc

It has ,Revenge,And a new beginning for CJ and seeing the world finally starts to open its doors for him and starting his businesses and the Triads part

So it has so much things for one arc and they're all well done and the cutscene with kendl in "custom fast tracks"  is so emotional and makes the characters feel like real people a lot of the cutscenes in that arc makes the characters more realistic and relatable which is why I love this game overall

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This might be hard to believe, but my favorite arc was the Badland missions with Catalina. The robbery missions with her are hella fun, and I loved her chemistry with CJ. Even though she acts like a psychopath, you can see that she really did love CJ, and I honestly think she should have appeared in more missions of the game to give her more development.


A close second would be the San Fierro arc. I like how CJ and Cesar work together as brothers. I know there was a topic complaining about how the garage wasn't styled, but IMO, I don't think there was any need for that. They already owned the car dealership across the street, and the garage wasn't really that important to the goal. So there wasn't a need to repair it.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Anonymous Pro Player

I liked the Red country arc fully natural and fresh air with forests.

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I always disliked San Fierro arc. in my playthroughs but the last time i played it, I kinda liked it. Maybe I disliked the roads and overall vibe of the city compared to the rest of the game.

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Official General

I liked the San Fierro arc best. Had a dark, crime thriller feel to it, and I liked the way CJ had to work hard to infiltrate the Loco Syndicate. 

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San Fierro Arc,


Los Santos Arc he was just getting stuck in the hood with Sweet, we don't see him making any real big moves yet,


Badlands is WHY I added the 'smoke a blunt' functionality. First thing I do is let him smoke a blunt before he deals with the massive bullsh*t that is his current life.


San Fierro is when he starts coming up, he's making powerful connections, ie Woozie and Toreno, I love that Cesar and Kendl were coming up with him. This is where he grows powerful enough to face his problems.

I love the thought that everyone in Los Santos thinks he's down and out, and he's becoming right hand man to a Triad boss, and getting groomed by a secret agent man lmao. He comes back a complete badass.

It was this arc that made me create extra Wuzi and Cesar missions, those are the funnest ones to me. I only rush through this arc so he can save his brother.


Also, on a practical note, free heat sink, mp4, mp5, satchel charges, and sniper rounds....


This last time though I did it right, skipped the car dealership and heist till after I got past 'end of the line' so I could take my time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

San Fierro. For 2004 game,San Fierro looks beautiful. It has a certain amount of gentleness to it.

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