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Grand Theft Auto V PC: Continuous Crashing on Loading Menu, Help Needed!


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Around two years ago, I was playing Grand Theft Auto V on my PC without any working issues. I then began to install mod menus exclusively meant for story mode, such as ScriptHook V and Menyoo. Everything continued to stay in working order until the game immediately exited as I was playing. I attempted to rejoin, but as I was loading back in, the game immediately exited and an error message saying "Grand Theft Auto V Has Exited Unexpectedly" appeared.  I firstly uninstalled mods, validated game files, and tried reinstalling my copy of the game on Steam. None of these worked.

Ever since then, I have made various attempts to try to address the issue I am having with loading in Grand Theft Auto V on my PC, but to absolutely no avail. The same error continues to appear with what seems to be no change, even after everything I've tried. The game loads into the menu, and I can still pick which mode I would like to go into. However, as I load in, the game quickly exits with the error message that I listed above.

These are all of the methods I attempted to address the issue for Grand Theft Auto V on Steam (in order):

- Looked through mod lists for Grand Theft Auto V in the files folder, and deleted any that I found.
- Validated the integrity of all of the game's files.

- Completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game on Steam.

- Bought an entirely new copy of Grand Theft Auto V on Steam, Epic Games Launcher, and a disc version from GameStop. The same exact situation occurred.

- Attempted to run Grand Theft Auto V from Steam on a different PC in my house. Same exact situation occurred as before.

- Ensured that my drivers were properly updated on every PC. 

- Wiped and reinstalled my Windows system. 

- Checked my router and replaced my modem. I suspected that something related to that may have been somehow corrupted. No change. 

I assumed that one of these methods, some extremely drastic, would have fixed this issue with my Grand Theft Auto V crashing before properly joining either Story Mode or Online. At this point, after continuous research and advice, and all of the methods that I attempted above, I am left completely confused as to how I may be able to address this. I would also like to note that I can run Grand Theft Auto V just fine on my PlayStation 4, but my PC account contained all of my in game achievements, money, etc. 

If there is anyone on this forum who may have ran into any trouble such as this before or may offer possible solutions to this problem, I would greatly appreciate your time. 
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When you reinstalled Windows, did you restore any files into Documents\Rockstar Games\V, like your savegames or config files?

Usually, after you have messed up your game with mods, it is enough to uninstall the game, no need to reinstall windows for that.

Just make sure the installation folder is completely empty, and delete the Rockstar Games folder from your documents (say goodbye to any savegames you made with mods on)

edit: make sure cloud saves are always disabled too

Edited by AirWolf359
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