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Join FGRP a active and growing GTA V Xbox community


Recommended Posts

🚨The FGRP Roleplay Network 🚨

Do you want a good, fast growing, active, GTA5 Roleplay Community on Xbox ?
If so, the “Forgotten Roleplay Server” is for you!

What the FGRP Network offers:
Professional Xbox GTA 5 Roleplay!
An Active Growing Community!
200+ Active Members!
4+ Departments you can Apply for!
8+ Subdivisions and sub departments you can apply for!
Professional & Realistic CAD/MDT!
Court system, In Depth Penal Code, and Lots of Department Trainings!
Active, Helpful, Kind and Experienced Staff Members!
Easy, Hassle Free Interview/Application Process!
We Also Have A Gaming Server, A Minecraft Server and a Podcast Server!
And So Much More!!


More About Us:


Hello Future Members! If you are interested make sure you join via the link below! We have plenty of open staff positions you may uphold due to a increasing popularity of FGRP. We have a Funny and Caring Community that’s always there to help you!  Our RP’s offer;  hours of RP time every day, experienced police, Civilian, Fire/EMS and dispatch departments. Each department has 100’s of hours put in to them to make them as fun and realistic as possible. We also have a full and detailed paid CAD/MDT, Penal code and hundreds of RP channels to enhance your RP experience.  But once RP does end the fun doesn’t have to stop as we have a whole community of other servers to play and have a great time in!
Thanks for your time,
The FGRP Community

 See you in RP soon

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Crew Forum Rules.






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