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Moonshiner missions ERR_GFX_ERR every single time


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I just bought the moonshiner shack. I began the first mission starting with getting the equipment. In the middle of the mission, crash (the mentioned in the title error).
Restarted the game, went to the shack, started the mission, the same thing. I did it again for a third time but no luck either.
The fourth time (yes, the FOURTH time I opened the game, with all those endless loadings included) I chose the other mission, to save the cook. This time it crashed even faster. I restarted the game and tried again and got the same results.
I tried to do the equipment mission at least 3 more times. Just for your information, every time I followed guides on the internet between the restarts to somehow fix the error (signed in and out of my account, deleted those 'sga_' files etc).


I had hoped to make some cash from the moonshiner. Cash?!

So far I have given 15 hard-earned gold for -literaly- MY OWN INCONVENIENCE AND INTOLERABLE FRUSTRATION, what cash? I have just thrown away 15 gold bars for nothing.

I've had more than enough. Rockstar, give me my gold back and take my moonshiner role away, I don't care anymore...
Just take the moonshiner role from me but, please, give me my gold back. The very least you can do. It is inconceivable that these things should happen to a client.


P.S: If it helps any bit, the "get the equipment" mission seems to crash after a fixed period of time.

Edited by Hayz3
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