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Hot take: I actually like this game


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Yes, you heard me correctly. I LIKE Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Now, before you all pull your guns out, no, I'm not saying it's the best GTA game at all. I'm very well aware of it's flaws and it's one contradiction with GTA 3.


However, I personally enjoy the plot and it's characters (even though some were reused from GTA 3, which already were good characters). The fact that they were able to put all three islands on a GBA, while still being slightly 3D (notice the polygons) is beyond impressive. It's story is also really compelling despite not being written by Dan Houser. Think about it.


A hobo named Mike working with the mafia trying to start a new life with his best friend Vinnie and it all goes wrong


after Vinnie reveals that he was using Mike for his own personal gain and kills Jonnie and Cisco, two of Mike's bosses, while he was on a mission.


That, and also this Mike is better than Michael De Snitchda from GTA 5. He doesn't backstab enemies, he gets in their faces. A man of his word.

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Grammar error
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Kiss My Fart

thats true😄 gta advance is good, it has a good storylines


i hope there will be remake of gta advance and change the view 😁 i wanna see mike and the other gta advance characters in 3D version 😍 


yeah mike still better character than michael de santa 


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