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Remastering gta3 radio stations with higher quality song audio, i have all songs but 1 and a half


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When i went looking for a mod for gta3's radio stations in cd quality or better, i was surprised to find no instances of such. I know full well where to look for cd quality or better audio, and it hadn't been done before, so i felt almost obliged to start this project. It's going well so far, with most of the time so far being taken by cutting out the non-song portions of the original cuts. There will be multiple final cuts, one with no banter at all, one with talking between songs included, and one with all banter, including that which occurs in the middle of a song(not sure how long that last one will take). Regardless, i need some help. Not with the audio cutting, i can figure that out on my own. I need help finding the game radio freestyles in cd quality or better. I'm 90% sure they exist on this vinyl: https://www.discogs.com/Violator-3-Feat-Jojo-Pellegrino-Freestyle-Fiend-Grind-Season/release/1015556

In addition to having issues with finding the freestyles, my only copy of Slyder - Score from RISE has popping and clicking issues.

The only other problem I am having is finding the original double clef fm song recording in cd quality. currently I am using different recordings of the same songs as substitutes for what I don't have original recordings of, however within this context this is comprable with replacing an original song with a cover of that same song. I would much rather have the originals.

For those that help me with these issues, the best i can offer you is credit for your work, if you want it. if you want to remain anonymous, i will do good on a promise to keep you anonymous. Please, if you are interested either dm me on discord at Kinju #7347 or continue this thread.

EDIT: I reposted this in the modding section, figured that's a better place for this. I would delete this post if i knew how, but i don't, so i figured this would be the most fitting option.

Edited by kevinxoi
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