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Benny's Upgrade $99K Sale - What did I just pay for?


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LMAO I think the game just scammed me! 


Okay, I'm sure that's not the case, but I just purchased a second version of the Progen Itali B because it's on sale this week. So I sent it to Benny's Garage, where I went into the customizing screen, since that is on sale, too. So I chose the $99K sale customizing at the top of the menu, but I have no idea what I just bought. All the other customizing items are still available for purchase, like armor, paints, liveries, etc., so I can't see anything that changed when I am looking at the car. I actually thought, wrongly it turns out, that the money was paying for the livery pictured in the game's website under "Customized Example."

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Well for the Itali GTB Custom it's not immediately obvious what's changed but this is from the Wiki description on the cars


The Itali GTB Custom is the custom variant of the Itali GTB, which features a custom body kit, composed of extended bolt-on arches, an extension on the front end, side skirts on the sides and a splitter on the rear end all made of Carbon fiber, as well as two exhaust pipes right next to the tail lights. Both ends feature racing tow hooks and the rear end was completely rearranged to give it a better aerodynamic.


So basically it's the body kit your paying for as well as being able to apply livery to the car, the body kit basically improves the handling of the car, the rest is as per the normal customisations options.

Edited by Tails Prower
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Awesome, thanks for the info, guys!


So now I have two versions of the Itali GTB Super, the regular one and the Custom. I think I'll leave the Custom in the Benny garage I have it in now, so I don't confuse it with the regular version.

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