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GTAO Serial Killer Deathmatch on GTA Online


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GTAO Serial Killer Survival Mode on GTA Online V0.00.0.1


"Come see places like the farm at Grapeseed near the service store, but be careful because we heard a crackhead with a chainsaw roams the area late at night during thunderstorms waiting for an easy feast. Yikes. Or how about the creepy 2 story house out in the middle of the desert that looks like meth heads live there but you could just call it the Hillbilly Amityville House! Psst, ya you, over here. Look we hear he go crazy and then commit a quadruple homicide-suicide if you plan on visiting this place. That sounds like you need a shrink Jackson. Oh I don't know if you should visit that place now, you may never see the light of day again. Now this next place on our list is a very stunning, very active lumber mill.......At Night *don don donnnn* So far mystery surrounds this place as to what, if something inhuman is slaughtering not just animals Barb. No, Americans. Yes, God saves us, we awesome Americans. So if you feel like taking a hike in the woods by yourself to "solve" this woody mystery, well from all of us here at Weasle NEWS, we bid you farewell, we will never hear from you on Bleeter again. Now ladies and gentlemen the moment you all been waiting for. Here at Weasle NEWS we like to save things the BEST for LAST. At the end of our journey around Blaine County on this scenic tour takes us deep into Sandy Shores. A remote hotel, that yes, if you lived in the 80's anyone will tell you...... "Johnny's Here". Yes folks we have, for your displeasure, The Shining Outside! Located at the abandoned hotel in beautiful Sandy Shores, where it's sunny all day except for that one stray shower that lasts, ohhh, say what Charles, 5 FREAKING MINUTES! You alright? Yeah. Sorry had an Up-N-Atomizer burger right before we aired. Jeez, get it together, you're the freakin anchorman. Ok, where was I. Ah yes, so whether its hikes in the woods or strolls through the desert. I'm positive that these 4 new Survival maps will give you everything you need to wet your murderous fantasies on unsuspecting people, like maybe that person who sits next to you in class and both of you play GTA V but he's being a little twat and doesnt want to play with you, well now you can challenge him to a Survival mode of murder death kill or what I like to call...an MDK. Challenge everyone or challenge no-one, truthfully we at Weasle News, We Just Don't Care."

   This is just an idea I am playing around with at the moment. While writing a review for said deathmatches above, I was inspired to just start coming up with some cool little banter to entice the readers and try and indulge them into what I was describing in my review; so I figured I would make the intro as like an Ad placement(like an infomercial/news headline that you would either see on TV or hear on the radio). This is still in beta in my mind but I figured I would give this a test run and see how people react to it. If you like how I have drawn this up and wrote it out please would love feed back whether good or bad. Thank you **Disclaimer most everything above except for locations(which Rockstar owns the rights to and Rockstar owns the right to Weasle NEWS channel), 2 names of the maps along with the title GTAO Serial Killer <- (which it is NOT a "Survival" mode but a Deathmatch), Chainsaw Massacre and The Shining Outside were created by Devin Schechter, Hunter Morgan and Anthony Liston). The Hillbilly Amityville House was my created name for O'Neil Farm. Everything else, from names and descriptions are solely off the top of my head.

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