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Go to solution Solved by BelfastBrawler,

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So i tried to log in into the R* Launcher but no matter how many times i complete the captcha it doesn't go through


The R* support says to turn off the firewall and delete the social club folder, which i did and doesn't work.

I looked around and people said you should wait a little before pressing sign in but i can't because it's not the standard captcha, it's a piece of sh*t that tries log you in automatically.





Any other ideas?

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Im having the exact same problem, and 2 of my friends too.
I've also contacted R*games support, and also read this one article about that problem: https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360051273754/Missing-or-Invalid-CAPTCHA-when-signing-into-Rockstar-Games-Launcher
But that was not helpful at all...

I also tried out all the things that were listed in the article, but that didn't do anything for me. I feel like thats a problem on the side of R*, and can't be fixed by us users.

The support told me to just create a ticket about it, but there isn't really a category about that problem, in which I could create a ticket in...
Also, I don't think there is much more to do than just wait for them to fix it...

If you find a solution, please inform me about it. I will do the same.

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So for me it just started working again, so it will probably do the same for you guys.
Like I said, pretty sure its a R* sided problem.

Good luck to you all, also have a nice christmas :)

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  • Solution
21 hours ago, noelmadacsi said:

I have the same problem.. Anyone can help me please?
I don't know what should is do.


i forgot to reply here, i changed my time zone and that fixed it


also you can try opening a ticket on R* support but it'll take around a day to get a reply

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