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Why do I keep getting kicked out from sessions?

Johnny Forelli

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I'm a 700+ rank, my killing ratio is low, I've never been in bad sport lobbies and never attack other players, I always play fair and I can't stand tryhards/grievers.

Last night I was in the middle of preparing for the Cayo Perico heist and I got kicked out of the session, I did not do anything to provoke anyone, I played by the rules and kept my nose clean, why does this keep happening to me? The other day I got kicked out when I had only just came into the session, I didn't even play the game yet, I only just came in and there's the message saying I got kicked out. Why? Is it my username? Do GTA players hate Japanese culture? Or is it how my character looks and dresses? Are Bohemian people bad? I don't get it, someone please explain what I did wrong. 😑

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PC or console?


Most likely because of your level. People see high levels and think we are modders. I mean, I am on PC but my console account is not. I get kicked a lot on PS4, especially if I join a session with a group of people large enough to pull it off.


On PC you can be kicked for any or no reason. Depends upon the menu user. 

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Three possibilities


1. There is a modder in the lobby, who has the ability to kick players out of lobby. These modders are most likely just salty noobs who mod because they think they are getting bullied, so they are generically hostile to high lv player.


2. It is a small lobby and all the other players are friends. People set up these private grind lobby, and they kick strangers as a way to prevent the lobby from becoming a normal public lobby.


3. It’s a server glitch. 

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You can do the Cayo Perico heist from an invite only session, by the way. No worries about being kicked then! (Unless of course if there are server issues)



also, Johnny Forelli doesn't sound particularly Japanese to me 😁


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On 12/21/2020 at 9:40 AM, Timsalabimbo said:


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also, Johnny Forelli doesn't sound particularly Japanese to me 😁


I was referencing my PSN


To the person who is confused to my response.. she said my screen name doesn't sound Japanese, my PSN username is in Japanese 

Edited by Johnny Forelli
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