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How did Derrick McReary die?


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Although Rockstar didn't give us an official reason for his death, there have been many theories. Fan theories say that he died because of a drug overdose, given that he was a serious drug abuser. Some say he also died of cancer, or old age (although he wasn't even that old, just 52 years old in GTA IV). It could also be possible that killing him would be the canon ending to Blood Brothers. 

What do you think? 

(Also Derrick is one of my favorites in GTA IV, he deserves more recognition and it's a shame that Rockstar just randomly decided to kill him.

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If it wasn't by Niko's bullet I think everything we see of him in GTA IV strongly suggests it was drugs (specifically heroin) that did him in, so strongly it wasn't even necessary to explain or hint at the cause when it was mentioned in V. I don't think him being confirmed dead is any kind of indication of picking him in Blood Brothers being canon, since it's already so heavily hinted that he's probably not going to last long due to the state of his health from drugs before we even do that mission, and when we hear he's dead in V it's a full five years later. Would've been a miracle for him to have survived that long the state he was in, especially considering after we last saw him his family was broken apart (dead, in prison or moved away).

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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He fell behind the fridge and nobody knew about it for years

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i liked derrick and kept him alive. maybe the people derrick had niko kill had friends. and they killed derrick. or like many people have already said. he might have died from the drugs. or a drug deal gone wrong. he could have been run over by a car for all we know. considering how bad the people in liberty city drive. he could have died from almost anything.

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  • 3 months later...

Most likely drugs or suicide, he's a total wreck mentally. I can see a suicide scenario as well, or as mentioned in the game by Francis, the Mafia found out he returned to Liberty City and killed him for stealing from them.

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I also assume that he was depressed, and eventually killed himself. The McReary Family couldn't escape their downfall. Gerald is in prison. Francis and Kate died. Patrick was leaving to LS. It's only him and Maureen now, and I believe his mother had passed away before him.


Witnessing your family leaving you one by one is just depressing, man.

Edited by wise_man
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