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Bugs and Glitches preventing me from 100%


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I wanted to continue to play and attain 100% completion but I am now stuck with missing elements and glitches that wont allow me to finish the endgame achievements.


- Animal Art mission bugged and wont let me mail
- I have NO lasso and NO weapon locker... lasso disappeared cant do bounties, or finish challenges that require it.  The weapon locker is non-existent (I have checked everywhere, including bathroom at Beechers, only wardrobe option...same as hotels)
- When I go into water my stamina drops instantly to zero and I drown.
- I can no longer drop a campsite, so I have to find a campfire all the time to craft and go home or to a hotel to sleep
- I cannot catch a fish 19+lbs for a challenge, as I have already completed all the legendary fish
- I cannot hogtie 3 enemies and leave them on a railroad track for a challenge -NO Lasso

- I cannot finish Mayor quest Idealism and Pragmatism, glitched and stopped at part 2


I am very disappointed, as I really enjoyed the game.  This has left a bad taste in my mouth and ruined the overall experience.  I guess its possible to complete some of these prior to completing the main story.  However, with over 200hrs in story mode and 400hrs in RDO at 95% completion I doubt I will do it again.


Rockstar, or anyone that can help please look into and fix these problems


Thank you

Edited by m1st3rk
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17 hours ago, m1st3rk said:

- When I go into water my stamina drops instantly to zero and I drown.



John just cannot swim, that's a bow to RDR1. Even Arthur mocks John because of that in one of the missions.


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Really lol ok well in that case thats just funny then, thanks.  Hoping for the remaster of the first game as I havent played it

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There are Muskies and Lake Sturgeons that arent legendary fish but can weigh more than 19lbs, it can take a while to find them but theyre definitely out there. 

Edited by RedNitrate
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