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Open IV - Wont Launch (Inexperienced User)


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Hi All,


Im keen to install the World of Variety Mod (Linked Here) and am running into some issues. 

Running GTA on Steam if that makes a difference.
Have done the following:

  • Fresh install of GTA V with latest update
  • Create "Mods" folder in base directory.
  • Scripthook in Same Dir as the GTA exe (Also have a Train driving script & Open all interiors) if that makes a difference.
  • Other Prereq's for WoV coped into base folder
  • Load Open IV and have clicked Tools > ASI Manager and installed OPENIV.ASI
  • Clicked Tools > Package Installer > WOV.OIV and installed in Mods folder 
  • Run game 
  • Rockstar Social loads & the little R comes up like its loading
  • Disappears and for 10 seconds steam shows me as "playing GTA V"
  • Nothing happens and Steam shows me as not playing GTA a few seconds later


Tried running it via Steam & clicking single player but it wont load

when i delete mods folder the game runs fine with what i have already.


I ask for your help as my girlfriend is working until next Tuesday, I only got GTA this week and this is my only opportunity to play for at least a month.

Any suggestions welcome, do not underestimate my stupidity, Merry Christmas 

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The game has update a few days ago, make sure the mods that you use are compatible with the latest version of the game.

27 minutes ago, Defin said:

World of Variety Mod (Linked Here

Here it says "Game version 1.0.2060.1 'Summer Special DLC'" so maybe this mod is not yet updated for the latest version of the game.

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Thank you, sorry i'm an idiot.


Are there any updated mods you could recommend of a similar style or other good ones?

Edited by Defin
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