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Weird things you used to think when you were young about the GTA series

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Posted (edited)

I played VC on PC back when I was like 10 years old after eating at Wingstop and my fatass thought that Broken Wings by Mr. Mister was about a some guy getting diarrhea from eating at Wingstop.

Edited by DownInThePMs
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Here something which makes me Microsoft Office think some weird things:

As ye can see from the image, there's a checklist I use with PS2 right now. The way it is handled - mission giver + missions. Now, since the layout is what it is, Office Word thinks that Cut Throat Business is a thing in Grove Street. Indeed, if I click the "i" icon, it wants to add it to a list of contacts.


Before ye ask, that's Office XP a.k.a. 2002, used with me Windows XP PC. Indeed, that time before that ribbon crap everyone hates, but still use regardless. Professional tip to those who liek older Office versions: Office XP can be installed to Windows 10 and it works fine over theres (I've done this for another of me parents because Office 365 or whatever version it was ran out), just don't tell that to Micro$oft. You can stop thinking that weird thought of it not being possible. With Windows 7 I've ran into an issue of having to open it while being an Administrator to edit stuff though. With XP, it's GREAT.


* = Menu translation:

Address: [Cut Throat Business Grove Street]
Lisää yhteystietoihin: Add to contacts
Poista tämä toimintotunniste: Delete this smart tag
Toimintotunnisteasetukset: Smart tag settings

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The Tracker
Posted (edited)

Before unlocking the second island in SA, when I looked at the map I though the San Fierro Airport was a snowy mountain, thinking it was a place I saw in a classic GTA SA parody, that in reality was just the mount chiliad with a snow mod. Yeah, I was too dumb back then.

Edited by The Tracker
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5 hours ago, The Tracker said:

Before unlocking the second island in SA, when I looked at the map I though the San Fierro Airport was a snowy mountain, thinking it was a place I saw in a classic GTA SA parody, that in reality was just the mount chiliad with a snow mod. Yeah, I was too dumb back then.

Actually, I think I thought there could be snow in some areas in the game. I wanted to find it out for myself, so didn't check the forums.


But I guess it isn't weird really.

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On 12/18/2020 at 2:00 PM, Inttelix said:

I thought GTA3 was a sequel to Driver 2.

Unrelated but I thought that if I reached the N in Driver: San Francisco I would get Tanner's car back early.

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Posted (edited)

In GTA 4 when I heard Raheem DeVaughn at the first verse I swear he said "f*ck you". Is this song trying to insult me under the radar?

Edited by Panzermann11
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When I was young, I thought GPS in GTA IV was coming from the radio stations rather than something from the vehicle.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I thought V was going to be a great game.

Well, the first time I completed Green Sabre in SA, I thought I had failed the mission when CJ was sent to Angel Pine, lost his weapons and no "mission passed" message/jingle appeared. I kept retrying the mission a few times before realizing it was supposed to happen.

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Posted (edited)

I used to think Grove Street was the cul-de-sac from Ed Edd n Eddy, and at some point, the Kankers would show up as the true leaders of the Ballas.


This was back when everyone was looking for freaking Bigfoot in the game. And of course, the many rumors spawned. One was that the Kankers would spawn at a trailer park and you would unlock a secret mission and had to kill them. My young dumbass spent so much time trying to trigger something that didn't exist. 


I kinda miss those days of weird Myths and Legends in San Andreas. Weird ass sh*t popping up everyday. 


EDIT: I remembered another one. 


Anyone remember the Madeline books? I remember reading the first one and found it fascinating and liked the dark creepy vibe it had. For some reason I thought Madeline died in the end.


For some reason, and I thought this for years, I legit thought that GTA 3 was the video game sequel to Madeline, and this crazy man was doing crazy sh*t across the city cause Madeline was poisoned or something and he was taking vengeance. 


I was really young, and both Madeline & GTA 3 had really eerie dark vibes, so I thought they were connected.


And now I'm realizing the story of the OG Watch Dogs isn't that far off from that childhood fever dream... 

Edited by CynicalMexican
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When Vice first launched on PS2, I was certain that Tommy was Claude's brother.

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A friend of mine called Pay 'n' Spray as "Paint 'n' Spray".

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When I was young I didn't care about the missions, I only wanted to explore the world. Back then we didn't have internet, so when I played GTA San Andreas I couldn't explore the other islands, as it was instant wanted level, and I couldn't look up cheats. I used to think that I could trick the game into thinking I haven't left the first island if I get to another one by using the bridges. I've spent quite some time trying to pass the barriers on the bridges. I remember carefully walking up one of the steel truss bridges between red county and bone county, being very excited to have found a way to cross the river without swimming. I was very disappointed when the wanted level hit.

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Something I just remembered from when I was a kid; apparently when you try to take a cop car to Pay N Spray in GTA 3, a message appears onscreen that reads


"I don't touch nothin

That hot!"


And 6 year old me didn't realize that the two lines were a continuation of the sentence as opposed to two seperate ones. So I thought the Pay N Spray guy was saying "I don't touch nothin. That hot!" and I thought it was a cool little reference to the ebonics I heard at school when I was a kid but now it's just me being a dumb 6 year old who don't know how to read a paragraph and context.


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