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Requesting help getting VCS running 60fps smoothly on PPSSPP

Tomminsky Sickletty

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Tomminsky Sickletty

Hi, as of late I've been trying to run VCS at 60fps in PPSSPP, since my PSP is long dead and my eyes can't stand 30fps anymore.


Getting a 60 fps "cheat" was easy enough, but unlocking the frame rate creates an HUGE stuttering problem.

The stuttering occurs while driving around at decent speed due to the game rendering geometry as you go (like buildings, palm-trees and the likes).

Not only that, but sometimes the game fails to load geometry in time at all, resulting in me driving on top of pre-redered road or water...

Since you'll be diving around 80% off the game, this constant stuttering makes it unplayable, not to mention ugly when the rendering distance is so low.

I guess you wouldn't notice any of this back in that tiny PSP screen in 30 fps, but now it's really bad....


I have the emulator in a SSD, running with a 1050ti and a Ryzen 1500x, hardly a beast, but should be way more than enough.

Can anybody help me out with this? I've been doing a 100% run on the classic "3d universe" gta's, already 100% GTA 3, SA and VC, hate to stop now...

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I guess you cannot do much. Game just wasn't designed to be playable at 60fps. I emulated it on my phone. On 30 it's all fine, but when I switched to 60, stuttering was huuuge.

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Tomminsky Sickletty

If anyone is having this problem there's actually an easy fix, overclock the PSP CPU clock to 1000.

The game runs smooth as butter now, with just the occasional micro-stutter that hardly impact gameplay.

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