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How to finish the final mission on the Xbox Series X:

Go to solution Solved by Quonevi,

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  • Solution

Read this if you ever plan to play GTA 4 on the Xbox Series X, otherwise you cannot finish the game!


The last mission (out of comission) has a bug where you can't climb up the helicopter during the quick time event if your game runs on 60fps, because you must press A twice as fast than usual which is physically impossible with the thumb. Gta 4 does run on 60fps on the xbox series x, so I've  been experimenting with this for 5 hours and I found a simple solution for all controllers:


Hold your index finger between X and A. Then swipe as fast as possible back and forth through the A button. It does not matter if you press other buttons during this quick time event. Focus on your Controller while doing this, to make sure you press the A button and let go of it every time, while having a constant pace. Better be a bit slower but have a constant pace than being fast but doing pauses.

Here's a video of me finishing that mission this way on the Xbox Series X


I have tried many things with different controllers, so I am glad the solution is this simple. I tried it out 4 times with 2 controllers, it worked every time. If you still have issues trying this out, there's a second, easier solution but that requires an xbox elite controller: map the X-button to input the A-button. Then switch between pressing A and X as fast as possible in the same way. You cannot map two buttons to input the same button on a normal controller.

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