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Cayo Perico Bitch & Moan


Recommended Posts

Sub: Pretty cool but f*ck it it damn expensive, that being said compared the the f*cking big ass yacht paperweight Id consider actually a good deal in that regards.

New radio stations: One you have to go find towers to extend the range Im guessing. Like Id really be bothered rockstar.

Heist stuff: Prep missions still tedious and sh*tty but the sub makes it bearable.

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4 hours ago, ddarko12 said:

Update has lead me to believe that some folks would ride Rockstar even if they literally released a virtual pile of sh*t as a DLC.


Of course!


* Looks at Red Dead Online *



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58 minutes ago, The Jungz said:

Or maybe they've just grown lazy and think we'll eat up whatever slop they throw at us like starved pigs, arrogant enough to think they can get away with it.


We can thank the gullible kids (who shouldn't even be playing due to the age rating) for that?

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Finally got logged onto online after having to re-install GTA on the PS4.


I bought the sub and now can't get in it because as soon as my character gets on it, he freezes and bounces up and down with the waves. When I send the sub back, I just float underwater like a jellyfish and still unable to move. The only way out is EWO or change sessions.


Why was this DLC released when it is obviously still in beta???

Edited by ForcefulMars459
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The Itali handles like sh*t. Thank god I can change that in SP. But it's a GTA:Online car. For 3.4 million. And it feels like crap. (and yes I'm testing it on my damn game, not FiveM). Rockstar is hilarious for thinking this will fly. 😂

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My game got stuck on the static screen after you climb up the tower and hack the CCTV. I couldn’t do anything but reboot the game. Had to start all over from the sub, watch the un-skippable airport cutscene, drive to the party, watch the un-skippable Scott Storch cutscene, and wait to be able to leave the party to start to gather intel again and make my way back to the tower. Easily a waste of half hour/45 mins. 


Edited by HipHopHead
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I had about 10 million saved up for this update. Spent it all on the submarine pretty much immediately, with the impression that I would make that amount of money back relatively fast. 


After suffering through the sh*tty forced-stealth section, torturing myself with the set-up missions and just barely managing to finish the heist because of OP enemies, I'm starting to think I should have just spent my money on some cars I've been wanting to add to my collection. Say what you will about the Casino Heist, it's still kinda fun, especially so in comparison to this one. 

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I prefer doing 10 prep missions rather than scope this sh*tty island.

At least prep mission got more action than boring stealth scope nonsense that got you thrown back to the start everytime.

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The long awaited nautical update comes with a new map and a new heists


Yet same old grind sh*t, was hopin a casual missions around the island just like in Far Cry or Story Mode, where we have to built a resistance through missions to bring El Rubio down, nope, just a heist, a same boring grinding sh*t from the Diamond Casino Heists




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This f***** DLC feels like it was made for 12 year olds. It's hard to look at and plays even worse. 


And the best part? When I actually have 2 seconds of peace in Freemode now I get to worry about these unskilled meme players firing missiles from their subs for an hour or two straight! As if they didn't sit around enough already waiting for some business supplies or a sale to pop up on the map. 


The submarine is cool as sh*t...but honestly it's just an extra stop for these weens. Soon as I knock people out of their subs and they hit dry land they disappear, pull out a rc tank, etc etc.


They should have just made the smallest update ever with direct communication with fans and put the things folks been asking for years. Either way...I'm just being critical because overall the update seems to be more of a success than a failure. I appreciate what they've done I just don't think it's done well. 


f*ck it! 😆



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1) Every time I entire my casino penthouse from the street it soft-locks my game and I have to reboot it.


2) You can go in passive in the big sub while driving, not sure if it kicks the diver out of passive when another player accesses the guided missiles as I don't own that upgrade yet but I think people will understand why I'm listing this one here.


3) While driving my big sub, my hanger goes completely off the radar making look like it's been removed from my account.

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Finally got around to playing. Scoped the island, flew back to LS, logged out. 

after a year and some change away it became very clear that I was playing a PS3 game more than ever. How I ever invested the time I did on this game is impressive. But damn, scoping the island really emphasized how poor the running and general movement in this game is. I guess playing things like Ghost of Tsushima and Forza Horizon 4 ruined my ability to play a game with such poor character and vehicle controls. 

and were the character models always this bad or did the quality for this update just take a dump?


GTAV was my favorite game. I played it for 5 solid years... the fact that I’m about to leave a new DLC virtually untouched is surprising. If the “biggest update ever” can’t hold my interest beyond the first mission I guess I really am done. I feel like I just went on a date with an x girlfriend thinking it’ll spark old feelings but realized I have since dated better, more mature girls. After the awkward date in don’t think I’m calling her back...sorry GTA, but it’s not me, it’s you. 



Edited by Mrnrfan182
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Remember when Rockstar used to make games?

IMHO this heist is pretty bad to be honest. The Juggernaut in the compound is annoying, the prep missions are boring, and GTA V's stealth mechanics in general are trash. Rockstar has definitely lost their way as a developer since they got rid of Benzie's. Now that they're out of beta content, they're running out of ideas.

The island does mix things up a tiny bit but honestly not all that much. 99% of your time is still in Los Santos.

I'll admit the submarine is pretty cool though.

The fact that Rockstar added the island caused them to make some technical changes in the background so SP modding on this update will be amazing for maps. It will help me and my team with adding Liberty City to the game. But the update itself is a swing and a miss. This is coming from a die-hard Rockstar fan.

Edited by nkjellman
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They had 1 f*cking job. An easy one too. And that was to give us the ability to kill El Rubio and take over the island as our own, where we can bring all our vehicles to and friends to party. Give us access to his compound "mansion" as a house and that's it. Like a submarine or avenger.


Your own private island, would've been hands down the best DLC ever.


One. f*cking. Job.

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Bought the stupid submarine and quickly came to realize that it's a waste of money. It's too large for the underwater seas around LS and the visibility while driving is so poor that I spent half of my time crashing into rocks and sh*t on the surface below that I couldn't see. Luckily I only bought the base submarine and didn't spend the full 9 Million on what is essentially a movable brick. I'll just stick to my Stromberg for underwater exploration since it's compact, lightweight, and does the same f*cking thing. Also don't get me started on the periscope and how useless it is. You have to be at surface level in order to use it and being under the water by more than 3 feet makes it inaccessible for use.

The heist? Well I didn't complete it and probably won't. Once I got to the actual island after 5million hours of unskippable cutscenes, I came to realize that progressing further wasn't worth my time. Who thought it was a good idea to take my guns away and rely on sh*tty steal mechanics that are practically broken? The least they could've done is given you a silenced pistol to shoot out the cameras and guards with. But no that'd be too practical and this is no longer GTA it's Hitman, only some really bad knock off version only with cars that alert the guards because reasons.

Edited by Yinepi
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you know whats funny? we live in the year of big lies and this slogan "biggest update ever" fits right in.

what a LIE! a small boring and empty island doesnt make your update the biggest one. casino dlc or original heist dlc were so much bigger.


you try so hard to make all these cutscenes funny but its not working for me. i prefer a more serious atmosphere because you know its a f*ckin HEIST and not a comedy show.


now the heist itself. bad. first try was with a random guy and ofc he quits after he died but i continue alone and rob it alone. as soon as i get out of the building a doomsday terminator with minigun comes around the corner and oneshots me. game -> closed. what a joke. i know its difficult to work for the devs in this situation but the dlc is not good imo.



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The periscope on the submarine is damn near usless. A V-65 Molotok was making passes of my submarine so I manned the periscope and began launching missiles.

I fired many of them but not a single one hit its target.

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Is it even possible to get all loot with a 4 man team on this heist and make more money than solo without completely screwing over your team? Feels like the Duffel bag we carry can barely hold 3 piles of loot.


The Payday Gang would've owned this heist five times over compared to these loser limitations R* put up.


That's right. A company that's near bankruptcy due to sh*tty decisions make better heists than a company that makes billions.

Edited by EkaSwede
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I think they probably thought the whole new location gimmick would be enough to hold people’s attention. And it did. For about an hour.


If your only going to update your main game twice a year (if we’re lucky) you better make sure it actually lives up to the line ‘biggest ever’.

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Can we talk about how much this game is really starting to show its age, especially graphics wise? Cayo Perico is billed as some tropical Caribbean island, yet the island does not feel tropical at ALL, especially compared to Guarma. There is no thick foliage or dense tree cover. It’s very open and the tropical rainforest/ jungle sounds they reused from RDR2 don’t fit in at all with Cayo Perico. It feels like putting a square peg in a round hole. 

I guess this update really showed me how much this game has aged, when I can hold Cayo Perico up to Guarma and see how sh*tty Cayo Perico looks. 

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Two things to complain:


  • The fact that you can't be in a public lobby and not be obliterated by a submarine missile out of the blue. At least with the orbital cannon you have some kind of a warning... Oh yeah, and the fact that you could be in the Golf Club and still be hit from a sub that's around the docks.
  • Not being able to steal most of the loot because of the two card system. That really bugged me out because of the all "hey, you can play solo on a heist now". My ideal plan was to steal the paintings and gold of the storage along with the primary target alone, but I guess I'll have to find someone to do it with. 


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Message from mate "have you played CP Heist and content yet?" Me "yes and if you haven't I'm saying nothing" Mate 5 hours later via WhatsApp "what the actual f*ck was that? What a mess





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