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BF Weevil Appreciation and Discussion Thread


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Rockstar should release this thing allready... I need atleast 3 more of these.. Now i had to remake my blue one to this...





More in spoiler:















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9 hours ago, Nefarious_Poundcake said:

Im gonna end up with an office garage full of these things....


A little less RestoMod,


They look beautiful 

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6 hours ago, RoiRasmus said:

Rockstar should release this thing allready... I need atleast 3 more of these.. Now i had to remake my blue one to this...

  Reveal hidden contents









  Reveal hidden contents





Same! I went for a stock light blue for the one Dave gave me(as pictured below, minus the whitewalls) because there used to be a kinda derelict one just like it out in my grandparents' pasture(that I really wish I had asked him for before it was hauled away to be scrapped), but I still want a drag Beetle, a Baja Bug, and a slammed surf buggy.



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Im loving playing around with this, Think i'll be keeping this one as it is now until it gets release then more builds will be added to the garage.

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Changed mine to resemble a '70 Beetle I saw at a car lot back in '02 for $1500. I would've bought it if I wasn't broke at the time. Of course, I'm still broke, but the same car would probably cost five or six times as much now.



The Weevil is more based on a pre-'54 with various 60's and post '67 details... and even some from a Subaru 360 (the front turn signals and the fuel filler door being in the center of the back above the decklid)

but I liked the overall look of that car a lot.

Edited by Econobrick
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9 hours ago, RoiRasmus said:

Rockstar should release this thing allready...

I figured they were going to this week. Not only did they not do that, they apparently undid the release of the Brioso 300. (or whatever they call it... the Fiat 500)

It's standard procedure for them to offer a free vehicle during christmas... but they usually at least let you buy it at the regular price after that period. This is the only time as far as I know where they actually took the car away from the dealer site after the free offer expired.

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Half-based on Bumblebee, other half is just my own styles I liked best. So need another to do a stripped down spec. :D Lil disappointed the interior color is the same as primary.




Edited by TheLordMarvel
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My Beetle! Got it couple days before Christmas, decided to post them here now.




Edited by AuthenticNachos
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The spoiler doesn't look too bad on it if you go all out with the racecar look I think! But otherwise? 😬 Would definitely have gone for a stock looking Weevil without it if I didn't need it for races. Will definitely get a yellow stock looking one when we can buy it for use in free-roam. 😀

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s0HyKuZTVkGBqY72BmqBCw_0_0.jpgiUNfYakQnku-aYTqMKyEag_0_0.jpgIDAwngRO2U61G5luqAVSJg_0_0.jpgL-snvz8Ix0Wq3G5UDYzK8A_0_0.jpgFjnxr8q9OUKmhHt2kW_uJg_0_0.jpgXJ2ur_66u0K0YhCEQ3hPng_0_0.jpghihAjZ8o5kON-NrtMOHyPw_0_0.jpgSCdKMWJBT0Ko16uSeMkoSQ_0_0.jpgSo I went with the girls to Cayo Perico to escape the snow in Los Santos, once the snow had cleared, we hopped on a plane back, me old China English Dave left us a surprise gift at the airport, for all my hard efforts doing the pizza, skateboard and champagne runs for Keinemusik, I whipped it into the Los Santos autos and got it beach ready, in jumped the girls with their bikinis and beach towels, I popped the board on the rack just in case and off we went to chumash beach for the day, surfing was good, weather was fantastic after a few beers and soaking up the sun, the girls wanted a few snaps with the new motor and their new bikinis and there we have it a day at the beach with the girls and the BF Weevil, brought back memories of 1969 peace ✌️https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6CL8ASLVWPk

Edited by Sniper_bow
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Since getting the BF Weevil I'm super chill and laid back. I wanna move to the Mirror Park area of Los Santos and be around liked minded people. 


People who shop at Chico's Hypermarket, people who drink locally-sourced, organic homebrew at the Mirror Park Tavern, people who drink at Cool Bean Coffee and buy vintage clothing and modern retro from Mini Retro. 

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I received my Weevil by Dave yesterday and after several hours of driving I can easily say it's one of my favorite cars that R* included in GTAO ever


I would love to drive this one in the desert for real while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd







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Finally got it on my secondary aswell.

Since my main got the classic one I decided to turn hers into a surfmobile so she can go to the beach in style.

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Definitely made mine as outrageous as possible. I'll spec a "normal" one when it comes out for purchase. 


Also, this thing definitely does not belong offroad 🤣

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forgot to take any pics of mine not totally trashed but damn. what a fun little car



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2 minutes ago, EkaSwede said:

Today's the day, fellas! Time to buy more Weevils!

Enjoy! Los Santos has a great BF Weevil owners club 

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8e185e61-c4c7-4bea-b84d-2725a0d8a75a.png 13cc2068-67ec-43f2-88db-3c18e4a9d376.png My second weevil...and Yes I had to have herbie!!! now its next to the bandit's Trans am (Trigger) the cannonball run countash along with the other movie cars i got!

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97064c9c-2c01-433d-a242-a126ea6090a0.png34fe63b7-3757-4c5e-bc8c-0187c226f39c.png For me when i first saw Herbie It was Herbie goes to Monte carlo...we didnt have any other herbies aside from the classic one and a while later Fully Loaded...Then disney plus came in and i saw the first two classic movies But anyways... after making the Love bug version I Figured to Make the Monte Carlo because it was My childhood! and I Love it so much!!!

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29 minutes ago, CrysisAverted said:

Its fun, shame about the lack of a more discrete spoiler though.


Very true - and also how (according to Broughy) that you have to install the lowest suspension with the wacky camber for the best handling. 


That being said, I don't reckon I'll make my Weevil into a performance-seeker. It's a fun vehicle, not a racer. 

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