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my vision and predictions of technologies in the year 2100+


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This is a major prediction But I want to discuss this with you guys of incoming future technologies that are already developing now and into the year 2100.

The Prediction I seen in the year 2100 is very interesting and way better life then what it is today. All these buildings we have today will be demolished and replaced with holographic glass buildings that will be AI manufactured not made by humans at all but made by AI bots but the humans have to program them before they begin creating buildings. Humans no longer have to build by themselves Highly advanced AI bots create and build and program houses the way they are programmed by humans.


There are going to be 3 types of Air ,land ,sea and space vehicles.

and outer planetary space  vehicles operated on other planets and space vehicles operated on Earth too.


Space ships will be Air and shallow Earth space and space ships can also go camouflaged or transparent themes.

Holograms will operate from computer to computer means you will have the technologies abilities to throw a program from one computer to another computer .


Space ships that can house a thousand or more people on board and that are large massive mother ships.

Prototype Holographic glass vehicles .

You will have a auto solar panels charges on roads means you no longer have to stop for fuel or gas . The chip auto charges in your car giving you electric propulsion and if your car breaks down You get a automatic solar panel electric transfer charge in your car battery chip.


Cars will become electrically charged and no longer rely on fuel anymore.

Cars can also be solar charged if chip breaks down.

solar panels will be installed in cars.

Cars and drones will be prototype and be able to become AI generated .

Your drone can fly because flying is better then on ground. Air drones that can be manned and hold up to 4 people. people can fly anywhere in there drones.

in order to fly in a manned drone flight .You must have a traffic computer equipped which has a very advanced radar system which shows a diagram of who is in the air to avoid accidents.

Going to other planets every person must have a bio scan done after leaving Earth and arriving back to Earth. rockets like today will be replaced by hover craft spaceships that fly from Earth to space within microseconds using faster then the speed of light technologies warp drives.

People wearing suits space suits before they leave Earth to space. One spiked blood test can be done showing one strand of blood tested for the entire body tests all the body.space elevators and space towers means buildings will become 1000 times higher then buildings today.


This is what I seen we will have in 2100.


in 2020 the technologies advancements are becoming developed. switch on lights will be theme lights no longer switch lights real soon.

That is my vision of the year 2100 technologies.




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