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V for Vinegar 2

The Half-Blood Prince

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The Half-Blood Prince




Following 20 years after the events that led San Andreas into chaos, the island of Lilspot, a little county near the city of Los Santos, is still abandoned and suffering with the horrors of war. Livia, an old prisoner of the Army and now a member of a group called “The nomadics”, passed through a lot in her life and raised her two twins alone, while crossing the whole county trying to find a safe place to stay. Now that both have grown up, the doubt of their true paternity and a lost brother will make them travel to the city of Santa Maria, the center point of the island, where a conflict between two factions occur since the beginning of the riots. In the middle of so many suspense, they will experience in their skin the brutality of war, as well as find out many revelations about their own family.













A concept art of how will be the vegetation in this MP.














Edited by The Half-Blood Prince
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amazing! the teaser already gave me some vibes, and considering "Livia" means envious - something's definitely going on.

Edited by zeko
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After reading the story, what I noticed is that the change of scenery will be different compared to the first V for Vinager. In the first, the player gets to explore almost all, if not all, parts of San Andreas. However, this second seems to be something more focused on this island. Am I right with that thought? If so, the experience will definitely be interesting.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 12/12/2020 at 7:09 AM, zeko said:

amazing! the teaser already gave me some vibes, and considering "Livia" means envious - something's definitely going on.

zeko stop being cursed with symbolism

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