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Unable to use rockstar launcher, without vpn


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Hi, Like in the topic. It either gives me a wrong token message, or loads infinitely. As soon, as I use a vpn on log-in page it, everything works. It is a problem, because I can't play or download games without low internet connection. It all started, when I downloaded the damn thing. I couldn't even open the launcher, without some guy's social club files (that I didn't have in my installation folder). Now, this token or authentication ticket pops up, everytime. But for whatever reason, vpn fixes it. I am losing my mind, because of that. Please help 
(sry for bad english) 

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(I'm assuming you are on windows.) I had the same problem and for whatever reason after I changed my windows user (the original user got corrupted) I was able to open the launcher without a VPN, I got the same results after formatting my PC. My guess is some file gets corrupted in your profile and makes you unable to normally connect to it. I suggest you to either completely uninstall the launcher removing any kind of residual files or try opening the launcher in a new windows profile.

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  • 2 months later...

I've formatted my PC and I don't connect. If I open rockstar launcher with home internet, it does not connect, if I open rockstar launcher with home wi-fi, it does not connect, if I open rockstar launcher with the wi-fi of my phone, it connects and if I open rockstar launcher with the wi-fi of my mother's phone (same phone company), it is not connected. I don't know Rockstar's servers... (I'm sorry about my bad English).

Edited by PabloLN
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